Corrugated Boxes

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Corrugated boxes are the most famous boxes for packaging materials.

These are usually large format boxes. They are typically made from heavy paper or cardboard. Over the years, this kind of packaging has become popular due to its sturdiness, even when it is exposed to numerous transportations.

Custom corrugated boxes should be the first thing you think of when it comes to branding your company. This is because these packaging solutions are an essential part of any custom packaging program. And therefore will help to improve your brand recognition.

Due to continually striving for improvement and keeping our standards high, we at [CCP] go the extra mile to offer our customers cost-effective corrugated packaging.

These custom boxes enhance product visibility, maximizing sales.

We craft our corrugated packaging boxes for your specific purpose. Such as containing gifts, marketing, and promotional products. Therefore, our box designs will grab the attention of shoppers and boost business results.

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Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Custom Corrugated Boxes by CCP: What to expect?

When you have a product to sell, you need a box to put it in. For some products, a simple box will do the trick. But for others, you’ll need more than just a simple box. Going with a custom corrugated box is going to be the best option. Especially, if your product is big and bulky or fragile.

A corrugated box is made up of two parts, the top flaps and the bottom board sandwiching some sort of pulp support. Its definition derives from being form with one or more layers of flat pressurized cardboard.

Have you ever needed a unique-looking box for a unique product?

How about an unusual shape that is hard to create with conventional corrugated packaging boxes? Corrugated mailing boxes are made to look alike. Bland, boring, dull….blah!

Well, not ours.

We’ll work with you to create the perfect box for your cargo. Here are all the benefits of getting custom corrugated box manufacturing solutions from CCP:

Get Corrugated Packaging with Logo Printing

Our white corrugated boxes with Logos can be use for a wide array of packaging projects. They come with customized die cut tabs and bottom flaps that provide your company’s contact information, logo, or message to customers.

These promotional boxes are the perfect way to show customers that you care about them. Each box has a print of your company logo. Therefore, making each box feel special.

So whether you are shipping goods or ordering custom invitations, these custom boxes will receive appreciation from all recipients.

Therefore, custom corrugated boxes are not just for packaging and shipping products. They are also beneficial to designing an impressive and informative presentation.

Corrugated Packaging for Retail Usage

Whether you own a small clothing boutique or if you’re a delicatessen owner, chances are that receiving and delivering merchandise to and from your business is an ongoing task that you deal with on a daily basis. And this makes product packaging an essential tool in any retail or online business!

Now you need to understand that a package can make or break a product. It has the ability to influence the way the consumer feels upon initial purchase.

Custom printed corrugated boxes can be effective at securing brand consistency across many different areas of product advertising. A box with a unique design is still often seen as a mark of quality among consumers, who are still regularly borrowing ideas from the world of retail packaging.

All the boxes made at CCP deliver a full retail display experience at a low price. The clean, professional look is the perfect backdrop for a wide assortment of items. The proprietary corrugation allows for a sleek, seamless look that’s appealing to customers.

In addition, the crisp colors and innovative end-caps bring the display to life and create a brilliant focal point in any retail environment.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Perfect for Shipping

Our custom cardboard boxes are great for use in shipping, especially when having to ship delicate items, because of the extra protection they offer. So you have got the opportunity to add style and provide more protection for your products with CCP’s corrugated shipping boxes.

These custom boxes  are made from high-quality corrugated material, which makes them strong enough to withstand the toughest shipping conditions. The thin layers of cardboard allow for easy stacking and can be label or decorate with common office supplies through our free, easy-to-use template.

Along with being design for shipping, these boxes are also great for storage or displaying products in retail settings. Also, they construct to fold flat. Thus, making them easily stackable.

Custom Corrugated Boxes Wholesale Printing Service

CCP’s goal is to be the #1 source in the world for corrugated boxes wholesale. Whether you need protection in shipping or storage, or simply need a case for any of your miscellaneous needs, we have the quality boxes at the lowest prices anywhere.

Our corrugated mailer boxes are hardy boxes that protect your materials while looking professional. We are known for providing the best quality custom corrugated boxes at wholesale price with no MOQ.

We provide customized boxes in various sizes. And we offer an online order system, for your convenience. We also deliver our products directly to your doorstep.

We take pride in our services and we make sure the custom boxes delivered to you give you the very best packing experience without any hassles.

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What is a corrugated box?

A corrugated box is a rectangular industrial packaging box used for shipping or storing goods. It is a flat paperboard box made by placing three layers of fluted corrugated paper material into the box. It forms two wavy grooves at right angles to each other, thus forming four walls. Each wall is supported by flutes running along the length of the space between the top and bottom flutes.

What are the best features of custom corrugated packaging?

A corrugated box is one of the most popular packaging containers available. It’s used to ship pretty much everything—from flat-screen TVs to food to delicate electronics.

Corrugated Boxes give your products a package they’ll love.

These boxes are sturdy. Therefore, protecting your product during shipping or in storage.

Custom boxes deliver added strength and durability when you need to ship heavy items in a protective container.

Custom corrugated packaging is perfect for retail packaging, school supplies, clothing, gadgets, and more.

Where to get the best custom corrugated boxes? [CCP] provides you with the highest quality corrugated boxes and most cost-effective shipping supplies. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can quickly create it for you. Our corrugated boxes and shipping supplies are designed to keep your shipments safe and maintain a high value for your products and deliveries. Let us help you find what you need and get your shipment ready.

These cardboard boxes of different sizes are designed for all purposes with durability and style. In addition, our custom corrugated boxes are exquisite when you customize your logo over them.

For orders, call CCP at +1800-485-4179.

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