Custom Cardboard
Boxes for all
Dress your products in custom packaging boxes AND hit the
“success jackpot” straight off the mark. Because those boring
brown ones have never let anyone win the competition
over the retail display.
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Heavy Duty
Custom Boxes For
Shipping Items.
Safely ship your products in far-flung regions via our
custom shipping boxes. These all-size mailer boxes with your
brand logo are robust enough to withstand even
the harshest of shipping conditions.
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Custom Boxes for
Bakeries & Restaurants.
Keep all types of edible products fresh and away from air-borne bacteria
in our food-grade, custom cardboard food boxes Eco-friendly
packaging printed with natural plant-based you are packaging
food items HYGIENICALLY!
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Packaging with Fast
Turnaround & Shipping

We accommodate bulk printing of large orders before you can say “Jack Robinson”ーthanks to our advanced printing framework

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Custom Size
& Styles

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Premium Quality

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Free & Quick

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Free Design

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Custom Boxes that Holds Everything

CCP takes pride in the production of custom boxes for all types of businesses and their products.
Share your ideation with us. And we will work it out for you. Some of our flagship boxes include:

gable boxes

Gable Boxes

Collapsible Rigid Boxes

Collapsible Rigid Boxes

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Quality Checking

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& User-Friendly
Ordering Process

Get your tickets punched to custom cardboard packaging in 5x easy steps: 



Help Centre

have a query? Please check these
questions and answers

A custom cardboard box with your brand’s logo is an excellent way to package your products. Also, it makes your product stand out and gives it an identity. You can use custom cardboard boxes to store different kinds of products. They are also suitable for shipping.

CCP packaging is a mainstay because it’s inexpensive, durable, stylish, and reusable. We print using the most technologically advanced machinery. You get endless customization options. As a result of no minimum order requirement, small businesses do not have to worry about being short hundreds of dollars when purchasing large orders of boxes. The boxes we manufacture will keep your products safe during storage and shipping. Furthermore, with so many options for customization, your package may become an attractive work of art. All packaging features double-slotted end panels for easy assembly and reinforced bottom tabs that provide a sturdy foundation for stackable storage. 

Call @ +1800-485-4179 to order today!

Yes. We offer free quotes for custom orders round-the-clock through the CCP support panel. We are open to discussing ideas with the client, creating concepts, and finalizing the branding plan.

With CCP, you will receive the highest quality boxes at wholesale prices. In addition, we offer a full money-back guarantee. However, if you still want to quality-check a sample, we can assist you.

The CCP promotes the interests of small businesses. Therefore, we do not have a minimum order quantity policy. We firmly believe in doing good both for new market entrants and small-budget firms.

Yes. CCP accommodates all types of custom box printing and manufacturing requests. We make boxes bespoke, with attention to every detail.

Custom Boxes with Logo

Proudly presenting you with one of the finest custom box printing
facilities in town, with 100% customer satisfaction.
Every cardboard box is a pure
“buffet of goodness”.

Custom Printed Boxes and Custom Packaging Wholesale

Why Prefer Personalized Cardboard Boxes?

 Many of our customers prefer to buy highly robust cardboard boxes from us. There are several reasons for it, but the main one is no other than their superb quality. We take care of all the customization and design under a single roof. That saves you not only time but also money.

Whether you need these custom printed cardboard boxes for cosmetics, food, beverages, or any other niche, we have designs and formats readily available. Just share your specific requirement, switch us, and we will furnish you with the best possible output. Of course, all our cardboard boxes are highly affordable, too; despite all that, we never compromise on quality.

If you have any specific requirements regarding the size, dimension, or color of cosmetic boxes, inform us about them in the quote, and we will implement them. Our experts are always at your disposal for all types of retail boxes. When you need our technical or professional assistance, you will find us there.

Numerous Facets of Our Custom Cardboard Boxes

In addition to the high quality and resilient nature of custom cardboard boxes, what attracts our users is the vast range of customization. Some might think that custom manufacture is just limited to selecting color or size. However, that is not the case. Here is how we do it to provide you with utmost satisfaction. We can even offer you all these privileges for food boxes

Our customization starts the very moment you place an order. We will not begin to work on it until we know your specific needs and requirements. Even if you had a custom cardboard box from another manufacturer, we would love to see it. 

All that discussion and study will help us improve the quality of work we deliver to our clients. No matter how complex the design is, we will bring it to life for you. You can also browse our template library for various styles and designs of custom cardboard boxes.

Embellishments and Add-ons to Stand out your Products

The simple gray cardboard material is not as attractive as it shall be. For that purpose, various embellishments and finishing alternatives are used. These would make your customized boxes stand alone in the group of competitors. That practice is also helpful when it comes to a similar product line. 

We have a vast range of options that vary from Spot UV, matte coating, laminations, and gloss, etc. you can choose any cardboard packaging option according to your need and requirements. We would make it feasible for you even if it does exceed your budget plan.

You can also opt for special add-ons like gold or silver foiling; whatever is the case, we would make it a part of your custom boxes wholesale package plan so that nothing will be a burden. Additionally, we offer premium quality custom stickers and custom labels for your brand.

Opt for the Green Packaging Choice to Save the Earth

Another significant beneficial aspect of cardboard is its environmentally friendly nature. Whether these are ordinary cardboard paper or Kraft boxes, you will find them biodegradable. That means that none of your packings will be a burden on the earth’s surface after you dispose of them.

The custom box packaging solutions and we also take care that none of our industrial processing goes against the beneficial aspects of nature. For that purpose, we do not use harmful chemicals and colors that are not appropriate. All our cardboard boxes wholesale variety is favorable to the natural setup we breathe and live.

Why Choose Our Services?

Now comes the question of our competitive edge over other box manufacturers in the market. In other words, what are the main reasons you shall choose us? Although we have discussed many of these in the previous discussion, here is a slight glimpse of the most critical aspects of our custom cardboard packaging.

Shipment with Free Options

None of our shipments will ever charge you any cost. The reason is that we do not bill you for logistics and delivery at your doorstep. So, it will for sure save you a lot of your precious budget. We offer that for almost all the important countries of the globe.

Free Design Work and Stylizing

Another significant aspect of our privileged services is free-of-cost designing. Usually, it will cost you separate designers, but we offer you all these options under your packaging and printing plan. In addition, we do not bill you for die-making and other such miscellaneous expenditures. 

Round the Clock Quality Check

We have a robust quality check that matters most for us. Our team ensures that no single piece is out of our system without an intense quality check. We have a team of seasoned quality check experts who work round the clock to maintain the quality. For us, your satisfaction is more than anything.

What Our Clients Says

Our 5-star ratings with hundreds of satisfied clients speak
volumes of our quality cardboard packaging.

Oliver Muller
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"Excellent services!! I had no idea they would make my customized boxes so quickly while I placed my order. Used their services for the first time so I had my doubts but they went above & beyond to complete my order n shipped it very timely. Would definitely use them again."
Stacey Williams-Ng
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“SALES HAVE SKYROCKETED. USER CONVERSION RATE HAS BOOSTED. has taken our business up triple gears with their incredible custom packaging solutions. Showering a ton of praises to CCP for being so fantastic with their services and designing bespoke boxes to our exact requirements.”
Alexis Wright
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"Amazing company to work with! Its way better than ordering custom boxes from Home Depot or Lowes etc. They provide excellent customer service and the boxes we received were very sturdy and clean. The cost is also very reasonable. You won't regret working with them."

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