If you are running a business of candles and you need packaging, you might think about what kind of material is used in candle boxes? People used to use lamps and candles to do everything after the sun had set. When electricity came along, everything changed. The bulbs and electric lights took over. Since then, candles have become purely decorative and romantic items. Glass candles are often found at romantic candlelit dinners with significant others or in homes with scented candles.

The design and style of candle packing have changed a lot over the years since they are nothing more than an aesthetic piece. Additionally, candles have become popular gifts that people love and give to others. The question now is how the candle makers maintain their shape? Which factors do they consider to keep these lightning decoration pieces beautiful?

The following materials will help retain and preserve the delicacy of these lightning decoration pieces.

Cardboard Material

Candle jar packaging typically comes from this material. Compressing cardboard sheets is done by applying high pressure. Because of this, this packaging material is superb quality and quite resilient to protect delicate candle wax from external harm. The material is exceptionally robust and durable.

Furthermore, the premium quality outside layer of cardboard is perfect for custom printing. It allows you to create any design you prefer for the candle packaging box. A few firms print their cardboard boxes to make them appear like gift packages.

Kraft Paper Material

Kraft candle boxes feature flexible packaging materials that are easy to craft. Therefore, you can use them to fit your brand needs and product specifications. In addition to being easily assembly-compatible, it is also biodegradable and earthly.

Using these materials for packaging your customized candle containers demonstrates your concern for the environment. Pollution and global warming are causing people to become more aware of adversity. Their preference is for environmentally safe and biodegradable packaging.

If you mention on your candle boxes packaging that you use eco-friendly materials, you will get the attention of the eco-conscious client base, who will choose your product over those of other firms.

Corrugated Material

Many firms that need to supply candles in bulk use corrugated boxes. Corrugated sheets can withstand more pressure and compression due to their sturdy nature. They can sustain more weight. So, they can prevent the candles from breaking and keep their shape. The question what kind of material is used in candle boxes is clear.

Candle makers use wholesale boxes to store large quantities of candles inside the large corrugated boxes, you’ll find the custom candle packaging. Typically, these cartons are used to pack candles for shipping to prevent damage to delicate products.

The extra corrugate sheets or foaming sheets are put inside these boxes to keep any load from being laid on them. Generally, firms prefer two types of packaging tactics. In addition to providing maximum protection for candles, they are both convenient and popular. Here are the two methods:

Folding Cartons

Compared to other types of packaging, folding cartons are less expensive. You can readily flatten and mold them. After they produce, brands can assemble the products according to their needs. It is much more affordable to buy them in bulk.

You may choose any design you want for your brand’s candle box packaging. Custom Cardboard Packaging (CCP) provides custom candle box packaging with perfect designs and custom printing for brands

Rigid Packaging Boxes:

Alternatively, rigid boxes are the perfect solution for luxury candle boxes, as they create the ideal look for your products. Gift boxes can also consist of rigid boxes. In addition, rigid candle boxes can include printing using modern techniques.

What kind of material is used in candle boxes? Packaging materials should have the following characteristics and qualities:

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