What are the Different Types of Rigid Boxes?

types of rigid boxes

The rigid box (also known as a Set-Up Box) is a popular packaging type, particularly for luxury goods. Folding cartons are usually twice as thick as rigid boxes. Direct printing is uncommon on them. Instead of wrapping them with plastic, you wrap them with plain or luxurious paper. As their name suggests, rigid boxes are solid and sturdy.

Packaging that needs high protection and care, custom rigid boxes are ideal. Stylish rigid boxes for brands not only look amazing but also make it easier to evaluate your brand’s value . Think of a shoebox. You probably bought a nice pair of heels or shoes in a rigid box. Also, board games have rigid boxes. Most high-end electronics and many cosmetics and high-end food and spirits products use rigid boxes.

A Quick Overview of Rigid Boxes Type

The main components of rigid boxes are the lid and the base (or top and bottom). Rigid custom boxes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes – rectangular, triangular, circular, square, V-shaped, etc. The lids of rigid boxes are usually used to classify and describe them. Boxes come in all sorts of combinations and variations, whose names become exchangeable depending on the manufacturer.

1. Boxes with Telescope Lids

A full telescope has a lid covering the entire base, while partial telescopes have only part of a lid.

2. Full Telescope Lid

Boxes with Full Telescope lids have lids that cover the entire base. The box in this example has thumb cuts to help open it easily. A full telescope style (with the lid enclosing the bottom) is known as a Tray with Sleeve or Shell and Slide or Slipcase.

Classic Shoebox lids have a lip traditionally 1 inch deep and are a style that has been around for many years. If you are unsure about the classic shoebox style because of the name, you should know it’s not exclusive to shoes.

3. Partial Telescope Lid

These rigid boxes are known as Partial Telescope or Partial Cover because only part of the lid covers the base.

As an example, we will look at a partial telescope box, also known as a Neck Box or Shoulder Box. It has a tray that sticks up from the base. When you extend the base, it becomes a “neck” and the top edge becomes a “shoulder”. This tray is attached to the inside of the lid, not the base. However, it still functions the same.

The “neck” sometimes sticks out beyond the lip of the base, leaving a gap between it and the lid. Most of the time, this is for aesthetic factors.

4. Boxes with Hinged Lids

These have a lid that is permanently attached. The cover can either be magnetic or bind with a ribbon (at an extra cost). From different types of rigid boxes, this box is ideal for frequently used products and can remain in their packaging between uses. There are a variety of styles of rigid boxes with hinged lids. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.

5. Cigar Box or Flip Top

Traditionally, cigar boxes are rigid boxes with flip tops. There are many things you can make with it, but high-end cigars are one of them.

6. The Book Style Rigid Boxes

When closed, this rigid box looks like a hardcover book, like a Flip Top or Cigar Box. However, all kinds of products come in this style, from food to beauty products to consumer electronics.

7. Clamshell Style

Various types of packaging use the Clamshell Style, not just rigid boxes in packaging. Furthermore, corrugated packaging and folding cartons come in this style.

8. Tube Packaging

Tube packaging has rolled edges. Paper tubes are a great paper packaging option for those who want to stand out. It is a box with no corners and is cylindrical. These types of rigid boxes are usually telescopic or shoulder-like. A Pringles container is an example of a rigid tube. The rigid tube is ideal for packaging small items such as stationery, cosmetics, drinks, and accessories that are easy to open.

9. Magnetic closures

Magnets in rigid boxes lock together to form a firm seal when they lock together, allowing the rigid boxes to close securely. Customers are less likely to throw away these boxes due to their sturdy and solid construction. It makes rigid boxes a convenient way to store jewelry, cosmetics, and anything else. Moreover, its design creates a high-end feel. Customers will enjoy the sleek unboxing experience with the magnetic closure rigid boxes. There are two types of collapsible boxes: standard and collapsible.

A standard box is more durable and sturdy. The collapsible magnetic closure boxes deliver flat. That reduces shipping costs. It’s typical to see double-sided tape on collapsible rigid packaging, preventing them from collapsing. Unless your customers check them closely, they won’t even know they’re collapsible.

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