What Are Gable Boxes and Why Do We Use Them?


Food or party favors often come in gable boxes. There is a cardboard box known as a ‘Dunkin Donuts Box’. It has a square bottom and a triangular handle at the top. It connects through two small slits to the handle that folds into the ends. Buildings have gable-like fronts and sides that are covered in pitched roofs. That’s what a gable box looks like.

Nowadays, these boxes are used for a variety of packaging purposes. Gable boxes combine the best qualities of both a bag and a box, making them perfect for food packaging, gift wrapping, etc. The gable box is one of the most popular packaging boxes among businesses because of its eye-catching style, solid construction, and profitability. 

 When to use a Gable Box?

Gable boxes are popular for many companies and businesses due to their eco-friendly cardboard frames. Considering that they are lightweight, inexpensive, and biodegradable, they are ideal for give-away boxes. Various promotional products, such as pens, key chains, flash drives, notepads, and other items, can help your company stand out.

Also, you can customize pens, keychains, and shred papers with your business cards. Dunkin’ Donuts and their munchkins have also proven that boxes work well for storing food. These boxes make perfect party favors filled with candy and delicious treats. McDonald’s Happy Meals in the old-fashioned Gable box will likely bring back memories to many of you!

What are gable boxes made of? 

It is usually made of cardboard, paper board, stock paper, and Kraft. You can pack a variety of food with it.

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