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The latest designs of subscription boxes are our specialty at CCP. We have all the latest designs and patterns under our belt. No matter if you need these boxes for cosmetics or any other item we would provide you with the best possible designs and layouts. Our wholesale and retail varieties are available at highly competitive pricing.

We are well aware of the fact that personalized subscription boxes are an important part of any kind of advertising campaign. That is why we pay special focus to the custom subscription boxes. There is no single type of these boxes that we do not produce or manufacture under our banner at CCP. According to your organization project, there are numerous sorts of regular month-to-month boxes that we produce for various vendors. Our whole emphasis is on the production of an ingenious subscription box that your target audience can’t wait to open up.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Why Need Tough and Resilient Subscription Boxes?

Most of our buyers are often surprised to see that we pay special focus to our subscription boxes in terms of sturdiness. Every product that we establish is made with the guarantee that it will certainly be tough and also according to your business requirements.

We are aware that these boxes are sent by post and cargo services. Most of the time monthly custom subscription boxes are dispatched regularly. Sturdy and robust materials would keep these boxes safe from all sorts of mechanical shocks and other physical damage.

In other words, we comprehend the psychology of your clients. No one will buy your product if they find it damaged. Especially after opening these retail boxes, the items packed inside must be intact and factory fresh. For that objective, our team strives hard and will not leave a single stone unturned to create an everlasting impact on your end-users. That is how we create custom subscription boxes for you.

Option of Material for Personalized Membership Boxes

As mentioned previously the packaging material plays a crucial role in the manufacturer of subscription box packaging. These boxes are special as normally you will send them through the mail. Normally these are for overseas or cross borders. Even if you send them within a country there are long distances to cover.

In that case, the material shall be sturdy enough to sustain all the pressure during a journey. Another important aspect is the type of items that we enclose in a custom subscription box. It will certainly be a lot of the moment provided through the mail in the form of a gift item.

At CCP we have specialized packaging arrangements even for food and beverage. With years of experience in the e-commerce sector we have fulfilled the needs and requirements of numerous clients for subscription box packaging.

Budget-Friendly Options for Custom Subscription Box Packaging

Not only retail but wholesale subscription boxes are also quite popular these days. The main reason behind their popularity is their budget-friendly nature. When it comes to the custom boxes manufactured by CCP, you also get many fringe benefits with wholesale packaging services.

To keep your spending plan under control we offer you free shipment and design facilities for custom subscription boxes. These are all a part of our bulk order package. Yet to your astonishment we also offer all these facilities even on the minimum or retail order placement.

Even if you have a limited spending plan and want to get the custom subscription box design of your choice you can get in touch with us. Our dedicated support team is always there to guide you. They will arrange a plan that will adjust your budget accordingly.

We have a whole dedicated team of expert designers for that purpose. Let us explain how we can help you with custom subscription boxes as a part of our packaging plan.

Top-Notch Subscription Box Design and Layout Facility

Many times customers come to us with no prior experience. All they have is just an idea for subscription boxes or any other type of custom box venture. We are well aware of the fact that most manufacturers would benefit from such newbies and dodge them in every possible way. Let us explain how we help you with a subscription box design free of cost.

The first thing they face is a costly design and layout agenda. Most of the packaging manufacturers charge you for designs but that is not the case at CCP. We furnish you with top-class designs and layouts free of cost.

Tempting Packaging Subscription Boxes for Every Occasion

The main aim behind every customized box design is that the end-users shall yearn to open it. All that suspense is behind the success of these boxes. The same rule stands true for the manufacturer of packaging subscription boxes. Here is how we do it.

At CCP we have a vast choice of add-ons and embellishments. These are the parts of any packaging venture that brighten the overall look of your packaging. Depending upon your budget you can opt for gold or silver finishing or any sort of surface UV.

In addition, we also offer ribbons and other such arrangements that would add to the worth of your packaging solutions. Another great benefit of this embellishment is that it helps your package stand out in the crowd of similar packages.

Why Choose Us for Subscription Boxes?

There are several reasons in support of that decision, however, few are worth mentioning. Some of the main highlights have been mentioned above, the rest are as follows. Once you read these aspects of our subscription box packaging services, you too will want to place your next order with us.

Free Shipping and Delivery

We offer you free-of-cost logistics and shipping around the globe. Except for a few countries that are difficult to access, we have this privilege for all our customers.

Complimentary Design and Layout

We also furnish you with free designing and layout services. You can get as many edits and alterations as you like.

Eye Catchy Publishing and Printing

We are well aware of the fact that without top-class printing no design can get the attention of your target audience. That is why we pay special focus on that aspect of your personalized subscription boxes.


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