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Numerous items come in the rigid boxes. Primarily these are used to pack and display the fashion industry products that come under the luxury packaging label. Whether these are mobile phones or jewelry items, rigid product packaging by CCP will always be on the top for several reasons. Our long-lasting boxes make them a heart favorite among our customers. These are resistant to mechanical damage, especially those by weather effects.

Our experts use various styles and textures to make them even more approvable for your target audience. When it comes to printing, we use top-quality solutions that are a part of the bundle. Even we offer free design and plate-making facilities. Our topmost priority is to make these boxes as appealing as possible. Our custom rigid boxes with logo design will play a crucial role in making your brand more visible than your competitors. Call us now to book your economical deal with us.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Superior Quality Rigid Boxes for Luxury Packaging

Also known as the luxury set-up packaging, rigid boxes are the top choice for luxury products. These add to the distinguished charm of electronic devices and gift items. There are numerous uses of stiff stock in manufacturing various packings in any industry. However, the term “rigid” is specifically used to portray the one used for luxury packing solutions. The main reason for their popularity is their sturdy nature. Luxury rigid boxes packaging by CCP is produced, keeping this aspect in mind. No matter how delicate your products are, our box styles would keep them secure throughout the transportation and rack display until these reach your end-users. Whether you choose them for apparel, jewelry, toys, or even mobile phones, we will not disappoint you.

Custom Rigid Boxes in Tempting Designs and Colors

Color schemes and design templates play a vital role in the success of custom rigid boxes. It is also a fact that the success of your packaging reflects your business boost. The more you focus on that aspect, the more attention you will get from your target audience. It will automatically affect your sales and, as a result, ROI. To put it differently, it is like a chain reaction. At CCP, we are well aware of these crucial elements that are why we pay special attention to the design of your customized boxes. There is no style or format that we cannot follow. Even if it is an out-of-the-box idea, we will implement it for you in the best possible form. We would design your box as per the desirability of your item so that it is a perfect fit.

Get Rigid Gift Boxes in all Shapes and Sizes

The beauty of rigid stock is that we can transform it into any shape and size we like. However, when we talk about rigid gift boxes with lid, these need next-level expertise. Most gift items are not of the same size and shape. That is why their box-making also requires a vast range of diversification. At CCP, we also produce holographic boxes in all shapes and sizes. Especially those that are popular and in trend. When you come to us for your packages, we ensure that our knowledge regarding your products is perfect. For that, we will discuss all your needs and requirements. We would then produce a box that is an ideal answer to all your packaging needs and requirements. We also have a diverse range of inserts and accessories that would play a role in keeping your item further safe.

Try any Lid Style for Rigid Cardboard Boxes.

Usually, a box for gifts or electronic devices comes in a two and sometimes three-piece structure. Even if the lid is fixed on the rigid cardboard boxes, you can easily open it to one side. In most cases, the lid is just like a cover. It stays on the other part of your box, also known as the base of the box. Technically these are telescopic lids and are pretty famous for gift item packaging. Next comes the partial telescope-style tops. No matter which one you choose, we will furnish you with it. All our design and mockup assistance is complimentary. You can select the style of your choice from the library collection we have at your disposal. Whether it is a shoulder, neck, drawer, slipcase, or even shoebox style, we are fully capable of fulfilling your requirements at cutthroat market pricing.

Save Cash with Our Rigid Boxes Wholesale

When we talk about the term “wholesale,” the very first thing that comes to our minds is savings. No doubt we get a lot of discounts on bulk box orders, but rigid boxes wholesale by CCP are one step ahead. We offer you a price cut that you will not find anywhere else. It is further enhanced by the free services and fringe benefits we offer. For instance, when you go out for designing and layouts, these come to be quite costly. Even if you hire a freelancer to design a single color visiting card, it will cost you enough. At CCP, that is not the case. We give you an exceptional price plan for wholesale ordering with free samples, no minimum quantity restriction, free design, and a top-notch printing facility under the same roof. In short, we are a one-stop-shop for all your rigid packing and designing solutions.

Share Your Idea and Get the Rigid Package Ready

Many times we are short of creative ideas. Especially when we talk about newbies, they lack even the basic concepts. The only way they have is to copycat their competitors or the successful brands already ruling the market. However, all that can also turn into a total disaster when it comes to producing rigid box solutions. There is no need to fret as, at CCP, we have a vast collection of custom designs for that purpose. All you have to do is share your pre-hatched idea with us, and we will refine it for you. We even provide a 3D mockup image or a real-time sample to satisfy your needs to the fullest.

Prettification for your Rigid Gift Boxes Wholesale

As discussed above, rigid packaging is not like ordinary box solutions. These are specially used for luxury and gift items. Even in the most familiar form and shape, these would have a more distinguished look than the other types of rigid boxes. These are full of embellishments and accessories from the lid to the base. No doubt all that will also add to the cost of such a box, but these are the essential features that we cannot ignore at any cost. At CCP, we make it more than manageable and affordable for you. No matter what additional features your box has, we will try to make it as affordable as possible. Finishing, coating, lamination, glossy or matte, you are free to choose any option you like. We can also add window die cuts and other features to help you engage your target audience with rigid gift boxes wholesale.

Why Choose CCP for Custom Rigid Box Packaging

Little is left after the above discussion; however, it is necessary to give you a bird’s eye view regarding our top-notch services. Here is a short overview of our quality-oriented rigid packaging services and why you shall prefer us over other solution providers out there.

Free Design and Layout:

As mentioned previously, we as a retail boxes supplier provide free design and layout support with unlimited revisions. You can discuss and implement any idea with the help of our dedicated support and design team. You can even bring your unique vision and get it turned into reality.

Cost Free Shipping and Logistics:

Shipping costs are enough to drain your budget. However, that is not the case at CCP, as we provide you with a free shipment at your doorstep without any extra charges. Except for a few parts of the world, we have this privilege for all our customers.

Consultation and Strategic Assistance:

You can get in touch with us for anything that is a hurdle in your packaging venture. Our experts have years of packaging experience on their backs. They can help and assist you in case of any issue; regardless of whether you are our client or not, we are always there to answer all your queries.

Round the Clock Customer Representative Service:

Unlike other packaging solutions, we are not absent whenever you need us. It will be more than true if we state that we wait for your calls any time of day or night. You will find our highly courteous support team always ready to serve you.


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