Popcorn Packaging Ideas


Everyone would agree that popcorn snacks taste chewy and fantastic. As a result, popcorn is one of the most popular snacks at birthday parties and movie theaters. When you think about advertising as a popcorn seller, the first thing that comes into your mind is to find a way to portray the brand’s mammoth image.

This is the first step. Efforts such as these include marketing and branding the products. The packaging of your popcorn products is the very first aspect that lends them a competitive edge in the market. It is admirable that all kinds of businesses need attractive packaging solutions.

8 Unique Popcorn Packaging Ideas

Popcorn companies also need unusual cases and boxes to package their snacks. Therefore, if you want to provide your popcorn products with packaging that influences customers to buy them, you need to know about some trending and artistic popcorn packaging ideas.

The Classic

Movie theatres usually sell small and medium popcorn boxes like this one. Also, this packaging type can be customized with artwork that reflects the latest movies in the cinemas or your branding. You can achieve this by die-cutting or laser-slicing the material.

With Window

There might be a way to leave a small display window open on popcorn boxes and cartons for displaying the product inside. Also, the window doesn’t need to be square; you can be creative in the way you use it.

Popcorn Packaging Ideas with Gable boxes

Popcorn can be pack and transported in gable boxes as an alternative method. This method is ideal for drive-in movies and outdoor movie events. Eco-friendly packaging and recyclable options are available in this packaging.

Packaging Idea for Popcorn with Tin

Tin packaging is also useful for popcorn packaging suppliers, since it has many applications even after the popcorns have been eaten, something that a lot of people appreciate.

Popcorn Packaging Ideas with paper cones

The paper cone is a perfect shape for children or people on the go; it can be use for children’s movies in the cinema, at a carnival, or at an event in the park. Cones are perfect for eating on the go, as well as events that may evolve. Furthermore, we can provide you with packaging with a dome lid to keep your products fresh and spill-free

Packaging Ideas for Popcorn with snack box or zip lock

Boxes of popcorn and zip lock bags are convenient, easy to store, and easy to carry. Custom designs and images can be use to personalize packaging. The zip-lock bag in a box is slightly more expensive for on-the-go popcorn; however, it works well for premium popcorn.

Popcorn Packaging Ideas with the Bucket

One of the American favorites, the giant popcorn bucket has become a movie theater classic. It is the perfect bulk-sized popcorn container. Depending on the packaging surface area, the popcorn can also be customized with artwork or graphic design.

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