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We offer the most beautiful popcorn packaging ideas to give an innovative touch to your party or gathering. Crafted from quality paperboard, our custom popcorn boxes standout from the rest in shelves. These popcorn boxes undergo an extensive thought process prior printing to match highest standards of quality and innovation. They are easy to assemble while maintaining a moisture proof environment overtime, thus, proving that our packaging are tested to ensure top quality time and again. We offer complete customization of orders to ensure that the final product is up to or exceeds customer’s expectation Right from choosing the stock style and size to selecting coating materials, colors, and prints, we ensure that you get the best solutions to your specific needs.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


CCP offers a variety of customization for the packaging boxes. We print the custom popcorn boxes bulk in preferred plans, shapes, and hues. We consider the quality of the materials and nature of inks for custom boxes’ printing, thus we make use of great stocks and best inks. Uniquely themed personalized boxes are an extraordinary method to serve tidbits to your visitors.

We create customized boxes for different events and occasions. The designing of customized popcorn box require proficient aptitude. CCP is an exceptional printing organization that has been giving topnotch custom packaging administrations to a huge number of clients.

Popcorns are generally adored and loved by all individuals. Eating popcorns with a movie or any sport is a given for a lot of people. There are numerous sorts of popcorn flavorings available in the market. Various flavors imply various themes and fine art for their packaging. Good and unique packaging will distinguish your brand from others. The custom popcorn packaging ought to be impressive and eye-catching.

Custom popcorn boxes in Wholesale:

Hand-crafted packaging permit you to stay ahead of your rivals. We profoundly analyze your popcorn paper packaging box needs and endeavor our best to satisfy the entirety of your prerequisites incredibly to continue fulfilling your needs without fail. As we acknowledge all kinds of packaging requests made by clients. We are here for you to give appealing alternatives for your Eco-friendly boxes.

Also, we realize how to make the best off-set and digital printing to stun your clients and carry quick sales to your business sheet. We give you an ultimate arrangement of uniquely printed packaging popcorn to make your parties and festivities more memorable. You can utilize them for favors to give a healthy feel to the occasion. It will show your appreciation and warmth for the visitors.

Importance of highlights:

It is necessary to comprehend that highlights play a quick role in making your item successful in the market. The blend of the highlights helps a lot in building up your brand image in the market. The three basics for opting for the right company are Quality, Turnaround time, and Pricing. And CCP proudly offers all the above. These are the significant focuses that we satisfy while manufacturing the custom boxes wholesale.

Customized packaging:

We have served numerous food chains and have the experience and equipment to deal with your mind-boggling custom printed boxes. Several home-made creators like to give conventional products in creative custom boxes. All the bistro and restaurants serve different sorts of eatables in various custom-made boxes. The customized popcorn packaging is related to pure amusement. CCP caters to the packaging needs of different types of businesses and is accepted as the top packaging supplier.

Multi-functional boxes for Popcorn:

Popcorn gold boxes make many events such as parties, movie nights, and baby showers more delightful. Given the occasion, the topical color schemes on the wedding popcorn boxes add to the overall vibe of an event. We present visitors with margarine popcorns in ostentatious party boxes.

People also utilize these custom boxes as take-home gifts. Giving your visitors the most loved things in custom boxes is likewise vogue. We use card stock in the assembling of these custom boxes, which can be custom fitted to wanted shapes and sizes. The glossy and matte alternatives alongside the ostentatious images and hues make the custom box packaging worth looking for.

Prominent  factors in any packaging:

  • The quality of the material used in manufacturing.
  • The shape and size of the custom box.
  • The additional add-ons and theme of the given box.
  • Economical prices.

Custom Popcorn Packaging for Parties and Events

Mini popcorn boxes make a great way to store tasty candy or treats appealingly. Our small popcorn boxes can be made attractive by simply changing a few colors. For those of you who have a special someone who enjoys popcorn, you can also give them popcorn gift boxes with fantastic colors.

Among the options, you can find pink popcorn boxes. Red Popcorn Favor Boxes will give your party a vintage cinematic feel! Your party guests will love taking home these adorable Favor Boxes, whether they’re filled with popcorn or candy. Style, lightweight, and disposable are characteristics of our new paper popcorn boxes. We offer high-quality printing on paper boxes with free shipping on every order.

It is an incredible experience to watch your favorite entertainers while enjoying your popcorn treat boxes with your favorite smoothie. You may want to use large popcorn boxes to enjoy them all. The more than two hours spent watching popcorn keep you energized, enthusiastic, and cheerful.

You will love these cardboard popcorn boxes for your movie or Hollywood party! By Halloween Popcorn Boxes, you can transform your undead ambiance this Halloween. Whether you serve sweet or salty snacks, your guests won’t go hungry when they eat from your Unicorn popcorn boxes.






What are popcorn boxes?

The popcorn box is a container that helps you present popcorn to your customers in an elegant manner.

What are the benefits of popcorn boxes for my business?

Those who make caramel popcorn know the pain of getting rid of caramel stains; popcorn box packaging is the best option for you.

Is my popcorn box eco-friendly?

Definitely! We at CCP manufacture your packaging with eco-friendly materials. We provide you with a popcorn box made of cardboard, which is recyclable and reusable!

Can I order custom popcorn boxes wholesale?

We do offer wholesale quantities of boxes. In addition to that, our clients receive free shipping if they order 300 boxes or more! Why wait? You can place your order now by contacting us at +1800-485-4179 or email us at info@customcardboardpackaging.com.


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