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Top 10 Packaging Companies in The World – Latest Report 2023

packaging companies

Packaging plays a vital role in making products stand out in the market. As more and more products are introduced every year, effective packaging has become increasingly important for manufacturers.

Packaging is the first interaction between your customer and your product. You have to be very thoughtful before choosing a packaging company that provides reliable packaging solutions. Finding a company that helps you in this regard is challenging, as many companies have dived into this large market because of high demand. 

The global packaging market is segmented into Europe, APAC, the United States, the Middle East, and Africa. We have listed top packaging companies that are providing packaging solutions worldwide and are generating the highest revenues.

Latest Updates in the Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is evolving to meet the growing demand for sustainability and environmental stewardship in the developing world, which is very reassuring. Companies are actively working to replace plastic packaging with biodegradable alternatives, which is a great step towards preserving our planet. 

This shift is driven by the increasing awareness of the harmful impact that non-biodegradable materials, such as plastic and metal, have on our environment.

By keeping this in mind, many famous companies have started producing sustainable packaging. Nestle is doing their part to protect the environment by replacing their plastic packaging with eco-friendly paper-based packaging. They’re aiming to reduce a third of the non-recyclable plastic pollution by 2025.

 In addition, packaging that is personalized with a brand’s identity can help establish a stronger connection with customers. It is something that customers appreciate and encourage.

 For example, The Coca-Cola Company (KO) now includes QR codes on their bottles, making it easy for customers to connect with the brand.

1. Westrock

Annual Revenue$20.724 billion (calculated in June 2023)
Established Year2015
HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia

WestRock is a company based in the United States. It operates in more than 30 countries around the world. Currently, WestRock employs 51,100 individuals across its numerous locations.

Westrock has made its name on the top of packaging companies in the world that generated the highest Revenue in FY2023. The company has provided excellent packaging solutions and won the hearts of its customers.

Westrock increased earnings through partnerships and a $47m investment in a facility expansion in North Carolina. They have a team of packaging designers, mechanical engineers, materials scientists, and manufacturing experts who share a common goal: to innovate boldly. 

Westrock is committed to partnering with customers for sustainable packaging solutions while transforming its operations. Moreover, they have a wide range of packaging solutions for their customers, including:

  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
  • Luxury Packaging
  • Food, Beverages and Health Care
  • Beauty Packaging

2. International Paper Company 

Annual Revenue$19.448B( calculated in September 2023)
Established Year1898
HeadquartersMemphis, TN

International Paper is a US-based company that was ranked number one in FY2022 with an annual revenue of $21.16 billion. It is now ranked second number with a down of 7.89% as compared to the previous year. The company has 56,000 employees working in over 150 countries. 

Atglen, Pennsylvania, is getting a brand new corrugated packaging plant in 2023. This plant is being built to meet the growing demand in the region by the International Paper Company.

The company creates amazing fiber-based products to protect and promote goods. They are dedicated to supporting global trade while also making sure that consumers stay safe. 

Their promise to reduce waste and promote recycling is inspiring its customers. They’re able to transform renewable resources like pulp into everyday items such as diapers, tissues, and other personal care products.

3. Amcor Plc

Annual Revenue$14.425B ( calculated in September 2023)
Established Year1896
HeadquartersVictoria, Australia
amcor packaging company

Amcor is one of the well-known packaging companies that provides packaging solutions to its customers globally. With an increase of 1.03% from the previous year, Amcor is among the world’s top packaging companies listed in 2023. 

The company has 218 sites in 41 countries where 46,000 workers are providing their services. 

Amcor partners with top companies all over the world to protect their products and the people who use them. They deliver a vast variety of packaging options, including flexible and rigid packaging, specialty cartons, closures, and services that help businesses improve their supply chains and stand out from the competition.

The company is dedicated to creating packaging that is lightweight, recyclable, and reusable to help protect the environment. They’re also committed to using recycled materials in their products to promote sustainability.

4. Ball Corp

Annual Revenue$14.17 billion (calculated in September 2023)
Established Year1880
HeadquartersWestminster, Colorado
ball corporation

Ball Corp, after facing a decline of 8.4% from the previous year, still maintained its position in FY23 listed packaging companies. About 21,000 employees are working in Ball. 

The company has been the greatest provider of metal packaging for food cans and beverages since 2017. In 2019, the company faced some downfall but continued to grow later. 

Throughout 2022, the metal packaging company made significant efforts towards its goal of creating a sustainable future. One such move was expanding its partnership with Sodexo Live!, a leading events specialist. The partnership aims to decrease the environmental effect of landmark venues across Canada and North America by utilizing Ball Aluminum Cups. 

Also, they are known for manufacturing specialty tins and aerospace products, all of which are praised for their excellent quality and innovative ideas.

5. Tetra Laval International

Annual Revenue$13.37 billion
Established Year1952
HeadquartersPully, Waadt, Switzerland

tetra Laval packaging company

 Tetra Laval is a multinational corporation domiciled in Switzerland but with Swedish origins. Tetra Laval is made up of three industry groups. 

  • Tetra Pak is known as the leading provider of food processing and packaging solutions company. 
  • Sidel provides equipment and services for packaging products in various materials, including food and beverages, house and personal care, glass, and other materials.
  • DeLaval deals with dairy products.

The company has 33,873 employees. Tetra Laval International offers and provides subordination with Group reporting processes, and plays a leading part in Corporate Governance.

Tetra Pak was recognized as a leader in corporate sustainability, having been the only company in the carton packaging sector to be included in the non-governmental transparency organization.

6. Berry Global Group Inc

Annual Revenue$13.00 billion (calculated in July 2023)
Established Year1967
Headquarters  Evansville, Indiana

Berry Global, as the name shows, runs a global network with more than 46,000 employees worldwide and 100,000+ product solutions. They make innovative packaging and engineered products. They aim to make life better for people and the planet with their sustainable packaging. 

There are countless packaging solutions that Berry Global provides. Some of their specialty products include.

  •  Injection, Compression, and Blow Molding
  • Cast and Blown Film
  • Rigid and flexible Decorating
  • Laminate, and Extruded Tubes
  • Packaging Innovation, and Nonwoven

The Company shows its worth by claiming 18,000 clients worldwide. Their well-known clients include Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s. 
They aim to make lives better in the future and started executing improvements now. With a focus on innovation, partnerships, and sustainability, Berry Global is poised to continue its financial success in 2023.

7. Oji Holdings Corp

Annual Revenue$12.5 billion (calculated in March 2023)
Established Year1873
HeadquartersChuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Oji Holdings, again in 2023, made its position among the biggest packaging companies in the world. It is a Japanese company that produces pulp and paper. The company operates with 156 subsidiaries across the globe, and it was ranked as the third-largest company in this industry in 2012.

Oji Holdings Corporation employs around 27,360 people. The company has 86 production sites across Japan, as well as forestry operations in different countries worldwide. 

The specialty products of the company include:

  • Packaging materials and containerboard
  • Paper bags and corrugated containers
  • Paper diapers
  • Tissue
  • Communications paper
  • Functional film
  •  Adhesive products
  • Specialty paper

8. Crown Holdings

Annual Revenue$12.35 billion (calculated in June 2023)
Established Year1892
Headquarters  Pennsylvania

Crown Holdings is the second leading manufacturer of metal packaging worldwide. It is an American-based company. It has 26,000 employees across 40 countries.

The industries that Crown Holding benefits with its packaging include:

  • Metals
  • Food and beverage
  • Construction and agricultural
  • Corrugated and general

Crown manufactures metal drink and food tins, aerosol containers, and packaging materials. The company claims to produce one in every five beverage cans globally.

9. Stora Enso Oyj

Annual Revenue$11.425 billion (calculated in June 2023)
Established Year1998
Headquarters   Helsinki, Finland, and Stockholm, Sweden

Stora Enso faced a decline of 8.9% from the previous year but still maintained its name among the leading packaging companies list in 2023. 

The company has 22,094 employees providing their services. Stora Enso is a well-known provider of environment-friendly packaging. These products can replace non-renewable options and assist in reducing carbon emissions. Also, It is one of the world’s largest private owners of forest companies. 

Biomaterials producer Stora Enso has inaugurated a lignin granulation and packing facility at its Sunila site in Finland to push forward its innovation agenda.

10. Smurfit Kappa Group Plc   

Annual Revenue$6.39 billion (in 1st half of FY23)
Established Year2005
HeadquartersDublin, Ireland0

Smurfit Kappa Group Plc is in the tenth position among the top packaging companies listed in 2023. Smurfit Kappa is a globally renowned FTSE 100 company that specializes in providing paper-based packaging solutions to clients worldwide. The company has more than 47,000 employees working across over 350 production sites in 36 different countries. 

Its reliable and innovative services have earned the brand a reputation for excellence. Its operations span 22 countries in Europe, 13 in the Americas, and 1 in North Africa.

This company offers end-to-end packaging solutions, from material selection to design. Their goal is to become a globally respected business, providing secure and superior returns for stakeholders.

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