Tips to Effectively Package and Ship Board Games

package and ship board games

Board games are widely popular. Despite playing for ages, people still enjoy these games. When it comes to shipping or transporting board games, most people invest in premium packaging. Therefore, board games require proper packaging to safeguard and make them more appealing to consumers. 

Meanwhile, we are here to provide a guide about affordable yet protective and attractive packaging alongside some shipping tips.

Packaging Tips for Board Games

Here are some tips for choosing the best packaging for board games.

Choosing the Right Material and Size

game box packaging material

Choosing the suitable material and size for the board games is also necessary. If the material is not suitable, it may damage the product. On the other hand, if the packaging size is too small, it may squeeze game components, whereas if the size is too big, it may cause the game component to shift during transport, leading to breakage. 

Regarding packaging materials, you can decide between Cardboard, corrugated, rigid, or wooden stock. However, most game manufacturers prefer Cardboard, offering a wide range of options for customization at an affordable rate.

Endless Design Options

game design ideas

Striking designs are most important in order to stand out and attract the audience. So, make sure your packaging design has all the essential ingredients to ensure its success. 

In order for your design to be visually appealing, you must use colors and fonts that match your business or game theme. 

The logo and game name must be printed on the front side to be easily recognizable and noticeable. You can also use inserts and add-ons to add more sparkles to your packaging.  

If you are using recyclable packaging material, remember to use a ♻️ symbol on the back of the box to engage eco-friendly enthuses as well. 


game packaging inserts

Custom packaging Inserts are used to hold game components, providing protection to them in transportation. In most cases, they are made from Cardboard and foam. 

They are primarily beneficial for games with more than two or more components providing partitions and blocking movement inside the box.


Add-ons add more value to the packaging by improving its visual presentation. Moreover, it helps protect the printing for long-term use, resulting in a better user experience.

Here are some of the game manufacturers’ most commonly used add-ons on their packaging.

Foil stamping

Foil stamping is a printing process that involves foil, pressure, and heat to add a glittery and shiny effect to the packaging material. It is a versatile way to enhance brand recognition and add a luxurious touch, along with ensuring high-quality visuals.

Glossy and Matte Finishes

Glossy and Matte finishes are also getting famous nowadays. If you want a shiny look on the entire or specific area of the packaging, then a Glossy finish is the one. On the other hand, a matte finish can be a good choice if you wish to have a dim and softer texture.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossing and debossing are techniques used to give a 3D look to the packaging. Accordingly, embossing adds a rise from the original surface, while debossing depresses or lowers the surface.

Spot UV

Spot UV is a technique used to apply glossy UV coating on a specific area to give it a more prominent appearance. 

Shipping the Board game boxes

Once the design process is done, it is time for the shipping. Even though it seems straightforward, it can be challenging or tricky. So here are some tips to ensure your board game remains intact during the shipping process.

Selecting the suitable box

custom game box for package and ship board games

Choose a suitable box for your board game to ensure durability. The importance of this is especially evident when delivering games in large quantities. 

Ensure your chosen box has the proper size so your game will securely and comfortably fit. 

For safety reasons, leave a gap of at least 1″ on all corners when packaging multiple game components.

For instance, a cardboard box can be a good option if you have small-sized and lightweight games. Alternatively, you can use custom rigid boxes if you want to present a luxurious look along with the surety of maximum stability through your packaging.

Use Paper warp or bubble wrap


As part of the shipping process, you can use paper wrap to protect items from dust, air, and scratch damage. Bubble wraps can also be a reasonable consideration. Aside from protecting against external factors, it also provides cushioning, helping keep the game safe. 

Label the box as fragile

Adding a fragile item label on the boxes is the last and most crucial step. This will prevent shipping personnel from handling shipment boxes carelessly. Although for an extra-care, shippers may ask for extra charges, paying extra for good service and attention is much more worthwhile than a replaced product.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to place your board game inside a box to prevent it from being damaged. It would help if you had a perfect box to ensure that all the pieces stay in place when the game is over or during transportation. For that purpose, you can use Custom game boxes designed especially for your game, along with inserts and add-ons for striking and glossy looks. 

You can also use paper or bubble wrap to prevent external factors from damaging the game. Lastly, make sure to use a “fragile item” or “handle with care” label informing the shipper that your package needs special handling.

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