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At CCP, we have a complete variety of affordable ornament boxes in all forms and styles. These boxes are a great option for encasing Christmas items of decoration. Ornaments refer to any type of attractive product that is used to raise the elegance of a Christmas tree. These are also used to decorate a Christmas party celebration. These might comprise small or large objects. The same stands true for the boxes that would accommodate them.

When the celebrational days are over, these boxes enter the scene and are best used to save these ornaments. The reason is that these ornaments are extremely delicate and prone to mechanical shocks etc. So, getting customized retail boxes will certainly help in keeping these items safe during normal days. Place your order today to get these boxes at cost-effective pricing. We offer free shipment and also design facilities. You can also order custom ornament boxes individual or wholesale.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Enticing Custom Ornament Boxes for all Occasions

At CCP, we have all sorts of custom ornament boxes at affordable pricing. These are readily available according to your specific needs and requirements. No matter which size and shape you want we would furnish you with it. All sorts of your accessories would be safe in these boxes no matter how long you store them. The product packaging is meticulously crafted to keep your fragile accessories protected. Even the extreme weather conditions would not disturb their quality and colors etc. You can even try various coverings as well as finishing options. Whatever is the case, we are always there to meet any one of your demands regarding packaging materials and embellishments.

Ornament Packaging Individual Options and Add-ons

Whether you require them for Xmas or any other spiritual day, custom ornament packaging by CCP would be the ideal place to save them. You can even suggest your custom stylish designs. To elevate their appeal, we have an unrestricted supply of decorations and add-ons. Accessories are not just made use of to enhance a Christmas tree. Instead, you can utilize them for any decorative and also ornamental objectives. You can also utilize them to boost the beauty of your birthday or big day celebration. It may be valuable jewelry, a lovely present, or any other design. To keep these prized possessions safe, appropriately developed boxes by CCP are the best alternative. No matter for which purpose you need these gift boxes, we are always there to fulfill your individual needs.

Christmas Ornament Boxes at Affordable Pricing

Custom-made boxes are normally pricey. As many changes and alterations, you include in the package the more costly it will get. However, that is not the case with Christmas ornament boxes by CCP. Even if you lack a budget, we have great information for you. CCP uses boxes in any number or amount at the very same rate as wholesale or bulk orders. You do not need to stress regarding the spending plan, as we will change it appropriately.

If you’re an individual that takes pleasure in protecting little decorative items, our accessory boxes are the very best selection for you. These boxes are completely created to safeguard your favorite things’ original poise as well as glitter. If you are uncertain regarding the dimension, design, as well as material option, our specialists are always there to lead you in this regard. They will help you at the very start to make sure that no problem occurs in the long run.

Extra Safety Measures with Cardboard Boxes

Safety and security are the topmost priority when one places an order for ornament box packaging solutions. Once you are with us, you do not need to fret regarding that aspect. We have a whole new range of sturdy stock solutions for that purpose. That is where the power of cardboard ornament boxes enters the scene. Our experts have years of experience in manufacturing sturdy box designs. They have the power to individualize, develop, and introduce any concept right into material form. That additionally stands true for our vast range of ornament boxes wholesale. All you have to do is get in touch with us and also review your custom needs and requirements. That way, you can acquire customized ornament packaging services at budget-friendly pricing. Even if your budget is running low we would adjust our services according to it.

Eco-Friendly Ornament Gift Boxes for Happy Occasions

Just imagine the glory of an eco-friendly ornament box? If you make it a part of your gift packaging then it will be twofold. That is what we do at CCP for ornament gift boxes. We make these green packaging solutions in such a manner that the recipient will also be filled with endless feelings of happiness. The very same stands true for our green accessory ornament box collection. It is mostly produced from a sustainable supply that will certainly not hurt the setting.

Even the manufacturing procedure is carried out with extreme care, as well as it does not release any kind of dangerous gasses or carbons. It is our slogan and business motto to save the environment and also your cash. That is the reason we have introduced packaging services that are a blend of both. Our service is simple for your pocket and the environment in which we live. All these efforts result in great cardboard packaging solutions that would not only benefit your pocket but also the environment in which we breathe. We research new ways that would enhance these efforts to save our ecosystem from further loss.

We Level up the Look of Your Ornament Box Packaging in Bulk

Creativity is the backbone of innovation no matter which box design you have in mind. That stands more than true for ornament boxes bulk. Normally bulk orders are not treated well by manufacturers. The psychology behind it is that an increased count of boxes would make them careless. However, that is not the case at CCP. We treat each order with equal importance and concentration. No matter if it is a bulk order or an individual ornament box we would deliver it with the same zeal and willingness.

For that purpose, we have a vast range of patterns, designs, styles, and add-ons. No matter whether you provide us with a unique idea or not, we would produce each ornament box as if it is the last box we are manufacturing. To put it differently, we have spent years producing these amazing custom ornament boxes. Even if you do not have the moment or skills to churn special ornament product packaging suggestions of your very own, we are there to do it for you.

Versatile and Out of the Box Ornament Packaging Boxes

Besides adaptability, our technical minds have created much more concrete structures from products like timber and also reinforced cardboard. We include additional stamina, and also, they last longer than common retail boxes. If you are shocked at the term versatility for ornament packaging boxes, let us explain. There are numerous manufacturers and distributors for these boxes. They produce the same styles and patterns with a stereotype repetition. At CCP we do not like that trend. Instead, we produce designs and patterns that are not in the market. To put it simply, no matter how old the design is, we would produce it with a new touch of elegance.

Their form or shade will not shed its poise with time. Instead, the continuous usage will add their shine and glory. Just a little extra care and polish will make them just like new. When items are versatile, they last much longer and sustain even more. You can maintain these cardboard ornament boxes to protect your accessory for a very long time without the fear of losing their glitter. It will certainly likewise conserve you a handsome amount that you may otherwise waste on buying new custom boxes for each occasion.

Competitive Edge of CCP for Ornament Box Production

We stick to a commitment to offering the most effective customized wholesale. As you may have seen from the previous discussion, we attempt to promote our clients rather than earning extra profits. Our unique services contain the complying with facets few of which are as follows:

Quick Turn-around & Free Delivery

Your ease of accessibility is more than anything for us. We would touch any limit to furnish you with it. That is why we guarantee that all the orders are delivered in time. Additionally, we provide accessible free delivery facilities except for a few regions of the globe.

Prompt and Courteous Customer Care

Our team believes in facilitating our consumers in every feasible means. We provide 24/7 online responsive customer care center is a part of that approach. Our very devoted and also trained reps supply you with all the help you may require for any kind of service.

Free Design and Printing Facility

Premium quality digital printing center under the very same roof makes us a one-stop solution for custom ornament packaging. We never compromise on the quality of printing despite offering the most affordable market rates.


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