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The taste of Noodles is incomplete without the mouthwatering designs of custom noodle boxes. These are the most loved food items around the globe. The fundamental reason behind their popularity is that they are ready to eat. Anyone on a tight schedule has no other option but to eat noodles packed in boxes specially made for that purpose. At CCP, we manufacture these boxes in all sizes and qualities, sure that the noodles would remain hot till the end.

Another notable feature of our wholesale noodle packaging is holding all the moisture inside the box. Same stands for the aroma of the ingredients that makes these edibles unique. A product of such high need is worthy of excellent packaging, which can do justice to its top quality and attract the consumer towards it. Custom noodle box packaging by CCP is an ideal way to deliver and present your nutritious treat.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Highly Customized Noodle Boxes at Market Competitive Pricing

At CCP, we offer budget-friendly and custom printed noodle boxes at low prices. However, it does not mean that the low price will also result in low quality. We never compromise on the quality of our packaging products, no matter what. All that matters for us is our customer’s satisfaction. Though noodle packaging is like other food boxes, certain features can easily be their specialty. Developing your package in any form, style, and dimension is now just a matter of clicks.

Deliver Your Noodles with Complete Safety

We at CCP focus on these features, among which the topmost is the air-tight structure. That is a quality even food lovers would look for. A foodie person constantly judges the food item by its product packaging. The specific style and the means it is presented and offered also matter a lot. In short, our customized noodle wholesale packaging and retail boxes develop a tremendous impact on the preference of your noodles. All that effort from our side triggers your consumers to acquire your goods upon the initial look. Our business has fanatic and also competent visual developers for that purpose. They have all the essential skills under their belt. All that team effort makes it possible to create your wholesale noodle boxes in an error-free manner. We offer you great deals on modification selections.

Innovative Patterns from Chinese Culture

As these boxes are meant for Chinese food items, these are also known as the Chinese noodle boxes. Our team of experts creates innovative and visionary options to please the demands of noodle suppliers. No matter in which part of the world you reside, we will satisfy your specific needs and requirements. We are professionals in this field and are dedicated to offering top-notch solutions.

Our mini noodle boxes wholesale are very versatile and can be tailored according to your specs. Their luring patterns, as well as color scheme, is enough enticing to get the attention of your target audience. You, too, can try any design and style or even create one according to your customized patterns. We would modify any idea into reality no matter how versatile and unique it is. At the same time, we would not disturb the traditional shape of your noodle packaging solution.

Food Boxes for Noodles with Logo

Another great concept of noodle box wholesale is related to the logo and branding info. When you want a printed box, it must have some vital information about your company. These details would also make your noodle box a unique and one-of-a-kind treat for your target audience. Those that love your recipes would identify your brand name at the very first glance. Thus the boxes with the logo would also be a reason for your customer’s loyalty to your brand. Select a custom-made design like noodle boxes wholesale with flaps or a one-sided lid that holds the sticks.

Flawless Printing at Affordable Costs

Our production team has all the expertise, abilities & experience to publish custom boxes for noodles or any food item you produce. Our advanced countered & digital printing set up all the results you are looking for. We have printed thousands of noodle boxes for well-known restaurants and food chains. We have a long list of satisfied customers that is like an asset for us. Our developers will certainly produce a perfect packaging solution according to your needs.

Acquiring any Food Box Solutions Made Easy.

Whether you require custom-made noodle packaging published with your brand logo or small plain boxes, we are a phone call away. What more? We provide you with all these facilities on highly affordable price plans. If you are stuck designing your custom-made cardboard boxes, then our co-operative staff will certainly help you out in this phase. You can create the best one, and also this service is free of cost. You can either fill out the form on our get a quote page or call us directly. Our courteous support staff will guide you through all the stages. Our knowledgeable specialists will deal with every challenge to design your takeaway custom noodle boxes.

Introduce Your Custom Style and Design Pattern

As mentioned previously, noodles are one of the most lovable Chinese foods. You will locate them in various restaurants and eateries and takeaway places crammed in well-designed cheap noodle boxes. There is a vast range of competing styles to develop your noodle product packaging. Despite that, many vendors and manufacturers prefer a class of their own. If you are also one of those, we can assist you fully. You are free to select any shape, size, color, and printing patterns you think are suitable for your food chain. In short, you can order any design depending upon your imagination.

Personalized Designs to Make Your Brand Unique

We supply all custom shapes and sizes of the boxes of noodles you prefer. These can be square, round, or in a long rectangular shape. It depends on the variety of noodles you wish to put in it. Even if it’s a tiny serving, cute packaging improves its appearance. At CCP, we guarantee that your noodles will be entirely safe as we utilize high-quality stock. You may also introduce your brand name logo design or any individualized artwork to show your service values.

Why Need Customized Boxes for Noodles?

A question often asked is why shall one get custom printed boxes when one can also deliver noodles in plain boxes. The answer is straightforward. Every food packaging has its impact on the customer. To put it differently, these boxes have a distinct identity related to the item packed inside. At the same time, the highly customized packages are a significant tourist attraction for consumers. These also play a vital role in generating the general public’s passion. That is why every food vendor wants to have a box design of their own. That will also create a distinct mark of recognition for the edible packed inside it.

Why choose CCP for Noodle Box Manufacture?

We are the most effective team of professionals that would turn your dreams into reality. When it comes to the preparation of custom noodle packaging, we have years of experience on our back. Here are a few of the most notable features that make us a perfect packaging choice for your tasty noodles.

Our Eco-Friendly Packaging Guarantees Product Safety

At CCP, we are always concerned about the well-being of our environment. In this regard, we utilize the most durable and sustainable food product packaging. All that enables us to assist you in promoting item quality in an environment-friendly way.

Numerous Finishing and Embellishment Options

We likewise layer your desired noodles boxes with any finishing touch that suits you. The most wanted add-ons and finishing options include matte, gloss, and Spot UV lamination. These would also play a role in keeping the edibles safe.

Prompt Delivery Timing

We are aware of the significance of every single min in the company and always aim to make our customers offer necessary product packaging remedies as soon as possible. your time is more precious for us than anything else.

Free Shipping Around the World

No matter where you reside except for a few parts, we deliver all your orders free of cost. That is a privilege that few manufacturers would offer. Even if you have some special packaging needs, you can discuss these with our customer support department.


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