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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a custom Macaron packaging box is worth two thousand! The human mind is capable of detecting bad design, but it’s also capable of detecting good design. Our minds get more excited when they see something unique, attractive, and extraordinary—something that will make us stop for a moment and pay attention.

Therefore, considering the heavy competition in the handmade macaron niche… custom macaron boxes are the way to set your business apart from the rest. In addition, these boxes can carry your logo. Thereby, adding a touch of luxury to your macaron display in the bakery.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Custom Macaron Boxes that Make People Drool at the Sight of Macarons

Baked, sugary perfection. That’s the only way to describe these French macaron desserts. We bet everyone is trying to steal your macarons. Everyone wants to eat them, bring them on hikes or to potlucks. Everyone wants their friends to try your cookies and they’re the best! So how do you protect your cookies? By packaging them in custom macaron boxes of course!

A good macaron box will protect the delicate cookie inside it. An even better macaron box will make people drool at the sight of your product, all while making you look super professional.

And that’s where [CCP] comes in! These boxes are ideal for holding delicious treats like macarons. While at the same time a vital marketing aspect for the macaron seller in the ‘makarona market’. What do you get when you cross elegant French pastries with awesome packaging? The awesome-looking macaron treat boxes!

Custom macaron packaging is a delicious and elegant way of bringing your products to market. CCP helps you create custom food boxes for any of your bakeries. Contact us today at +1800-485-4179 and we’ll send you a free quote on your new french macaron bakery boxes.

Sweet French Macaron Packaging Boxes that Show The Brand’s Personality

Have you ever had a Macaron?

Macarons are a type of baked confection made from egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, and almond flour that come in a variety of colors and flavors. Macarons have been popular for centuries and during that time they have served as a form of currency in some societies. At their original size, they resemble tiny pillows and each flavor brings its own unique texture to the overall macaron.

CCP makes custom macaron boxes that fit perfectly with every bakery’s brand and feel. The packaging is sophisticated and yet playful. It shows the personality of the brand while standing out from competitors. This sweet box offers all the necessary elements for macaron boxes packaging: it protects the product, it offers a unique retail point of sale, and it can be used as a storage container for clients to reuse.

Macaron Treat Boxes with Creative Packaging Design for Better Sales

Because macarons are so delicate, they need special packaging boxes which can hold them up without letting them break down. Finding the perfect macaron packing box is important in satisfying your customers.

So let’s venture with us on a new journey! Our custom French macaron boxes are ready to amaze you. Our specially designed colorful food boxes are made for online sellers, bakers, restaurants, booth owners, or anyone who wants to serve French pastries of the highest standards in the most convenient way.

We provide all kinds of macaron packaging wholesale. We create your own customized macaron cookie boxes with the finest materials making them not only food-safe but also fully recyclable.

Why compromise between designer packaging and value for money? If you are looking for high–end yet affordable business packaging, look no further! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Custom food boxes are an excellent selling tool, both online and offline. Therefore, a well-designed custom box with a creative packaging design will help to improve the overall appeal of your products, enhance brand loyalty and increase brand awareness.

Get Beautiful Macaron Packaging Boxes in All Colors & Designs

Are you looking to replace your plain white cardboard boxes with a custom macaron box? Then you are in the right place. Our decorative bakery boxes can serve as a fantastic item for promotional events, weddings, birthdays, holidays, giveaways, and retail purposes.

Made with premium quality materials, you can customize these boxes according to your choice of color or design. As one of the leading producers of custom macaron box packaging boxes in the United States, we cater to customers from all over the world.

So let’s design your own macaron boxes bulk with acrylic liners, tray inserts, bright colors, and more. Our custom macaron packaging boxes are extremely affordable, even with custom designs or logos. We are also able to change the box size based on your order. Depending on your needs, you can get a simple single-layer box at a great price, or multiple-layer boxes that are more complex in their design.

Best Macaron Packaging with Windows, Inserts, Clear Lids

If you want to give your customers a special treat, it is a great idea to make a custom macaron box with windows, inserts, and clear lids:

There are many advantages of using a box with a window. The main one is that it allows customers to see the treats inside before buying them. You must use a window if you plan on selling macarons online. Customers need to be able to check out the flavor and design of your treats before they purchase them. That way they know they’re getting what they want.

The bakery packaging boxes with clear lids are easy to spot on the store shelves since they are uniquely designed with cute packaging material. Ordinary cardboard food boxes are too plain, so you might want to think about the food boxes with clear lids which lets your customers take a closer look at your products.

Want to pack as many as 12 macarons in a single box? Pick our wholesale macaron boxes with inserts. This box ensures proper organization for different macaron counts in the box. Every business should think of the presentation as a core component of their sales and marketing strategy. As such, your products should also be presented as well as possible, to appeal to as many potential customers as possible.

Luxury Macaron Boxes For Gift-Giving & Winning The Recipient’s Heart

Macaron gift boxes are the key to gift-giving. Your gift will be appreciated, praised, and will even increase your status (well, at least in the recipient’s mind)!

Macaron favor boxes can also make excellent gifts. While most people have an appreciation for high-quality confections, not everyone is familiar with macarons. These little cakes are quite popular in Europe, but their growth in North America has been stunted thanks to preconceived notions of the cookie being fancy.

That European air isn’t something most people want to have attached to their food, so presenting macarons boxes as gifts can be an ideal option for gift giving at food parties and kid’s functions.

Order Food-Grade Macaron Boxes at Wholesale Price

Macaron boxes packaging are the perfect package for macaron cookies. We mean, who can resist their delicate flavor and beautiful appearance? Therefore, CCP has just what you need to give your macarons the perfect packaging.

Our Macaron cardboard Boxes are food-grade, made of high-quality paperboard. They are available in different sizes, so they are perfect for small business owners who want to sell their delicious gourmet cookies at retail prices. Sold in bundles and low volume with no MOQ, you can easily afford them with our wholesale rates.

In addition, you can customize each of our Macaron food Boxes with full-color printing both on the front and back panels. So make your sales stand out with unique packaging. Our turnaround time is extremely fast, you get your order ready in a few days after placing your order.

Need custom macaron boxes wholesale? Email CCP at or contact us at +1800-485-4179.


What is a custom Macaron box?

A custom macaron box is a pretty sweet style of box that you’re going to want to use to serve up all those scrumptious macaron treats. This box is a level up from the standard food box due to its endless customization and diversity.

What are the best features of custom Macaron packaging?

Custom Macaron packaging is the best way to impress your customers. You can easily design custom printed boxes to match your bakery, logo, and other company branding. Also, it is made of high-quality materials that are durable enough to be reused. Your customers will appreciate that you care about the environment.

The custom printed boxes are also nice because they help with sales. When you leave your box behind, your customers can see all the tasty treats you have for them. They may even buy more out of curiosity!

You can also use custom boxes as an effective marketing strategy. If you want to brand some new products as soon as they come out, you can print different versions of your box for each release.

Therefore, treat yourself and your business to better custom Macaron packaging today!

Who is the best custom Macaron box maker?

Do you want to make your own macaron box? If yes, the first thing you need to know is which custom macaron box maker to choose. There are thousands of macaron box makers out there; it is hard for small business owners to find one that meets our needs and budget.

CCP is one of the best custom macaron box makers. They stand out for many reasons:

1) they work with many different materials, such as paper and card stock;

2) they offer various options in terms of size and style;

3) their prices are very reasonable;

4) they offer free shipping;

5) they offer a fast turnaround;

6) they accept small orders and do not require MOQs.

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