How to Wrap a Candle in an Impactful Manner?


Candles serve to be the best gift for anyone. They can light up the room literally and your mood metaphorically. However, when you give them as gifts, you must pack them to increase their attraction. People are often confused about how to wrap a candle. This blog will provide a complete guide about wrapping candles in a way that leaves a lasting impact on the gift receivers. 

How to Wrap a Candle like an Expert

Once you get to know the technique, wrapping candles is not a big issue. The following are the basic tips that may be followed for wrapping all types of candles of any shape or size:

  • Take the paper in which you have to wrap the candles and place it on a flat surface. 
  • Cut it according to the requirement so that it would neither get too big nor too small. 
  • Set the candle on the paper.
  • Place the candle horizontally and roll the paper along the horizontally lying candle. 
  • Attach a cellophane tape on the edges of the paper in the vertical direction along the length of the candle (from top to bottom or vice versa).
  • For the ends, fold the edges neatly one by one and use tape to seal them. 
  • To pack the candles like candy, neatly gather the paper along the corner. Tie a ribbon around these edges, and your candles are ready to be gifted.

8 Amazing Tips for Wrapping Candles

Tips for Wrapping Candles

After you understand the basic procedure of wrapping candles, you can make improvisations to wrap the candles according to your needs. 

1. Pack with Kraft Paper

Using Kraft paper is one of the best candle packaging ideas. Their brown color and plain design make them the best option for creating an organic look for the packaging. If your business deals with customers who are conscious about the environment, Kraft papers are your best option. 

You may use stamps and stickers to embellish the paper. Get a stamp with your brand name and use it to mark the product as belonging to your brand. Stickers may also be used not only for embellishment but also for sealing the wrapping.

2. Try a Fancy Gift Wrapping 

Going a bit fancy is always a good idea when you are packing gifts. You may use fancy paper to wrap the candles for special occasions, like Christmas. Such papers may have a particular theme on them according to the occasion. Moreover, you may use birthday-themed wrapping if you have to give candles as a birthday present. Choose colors that match the theme of the candles so that your products would reflect symmetry.

3. Use Ribbons and Bows

Use ribbons to add a festive look to the candles. The ribbons may be used in the following two ways:

  • If it is a rectangular or square box, use ribbon in plus sign to cover the available area of the box.
  • You may also use ribbons to tie the edges of the wrapping paper together to make its shape like that of a toffee.

Place a bow where the ribbons are placed on the gift wrapping.

Try to select ribbons with vibrant colors so that they would immediately become prominent before the eyes of the customers.

4. Place the Candles in Gift Bags

Using bags is the best option to pack glass candles for gift-giving. The bags provide easy handling of the candles and an eye-catching look to the gift. They may have any color or size depending on the size of your candles. Brands often have special gift bags for their customers. You may also place a card inside these bags to wish your customers and make them feel special.

5. Attach notes

You can make your customers feel special by attaching notes for them. It may be as simple as “take care” or have some description about the product, like the candle’s scent. These are made from cardboard that has a hole on its upper side. A ribbon may be inserted inside this hole and attached to your gift. You can also attach hand-written notes on these boxes to enhance your customer connection.

6. Use Tissue Paper or Cellophane Wraps for Additional Protection

Your gift would be able to make happy customers only if it reaches them in the right condition. This demands the necessity of using tissue paper or cellophane wraps to protect the candles. It will keep the candles secure from moisture and heat. These wraps are the best option for wrapping candles if you have to pack more than one candle. It will keep them separate from each other.

7. Decorate using Ornaments

You can also decorate the candle boxes using various ornaments like faux bloom, Christmas add-ons, etc. These little things will go a long way to creating a good image for your brand in the market. These ornaments can be attached directly to the candle containers for wrapping. Use ribbons or sensitive strings to attach them to the candles. You can get customized ornaments according to a particular theme.

8. Wrap in Plastic Sheet

You can also wrap the candles in plastic sheets for a minimalist look. Use ribbons to seal the ends of the sheet. This is the best option if your candles are already in a very attractive container. It is an economical, unique, and simple wrapping idea that would create a different image for your brand. You may attach a sticker with the sheet to enhance the look of the wrapping.

Getting Ready for Shipping

candle shipment box

If you are selling your candles online, shipping them safely to the customers is very important. Even if you have wrapped the candles beautifully, it would not be enough to ship them. You may use boxes to pack candles for shipping. Moreover, inserts or bubble wrap keep the candles safe from any bumps and jerks during transport. Corrugated cardboard is the most commonly used packaging material for shipping. Moreover, if you want to give a premium look to the candles, use rigid boxes with your logo embossed on them.

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