How to Pack Candles for Shipping?


If you have a candle business, you must have thought about how to pack candles for shipping safely for your customers. Since candles are very delicate, therefore, they need special packaging. The goal is to make a safe delivery to the clients. 

Candle sales can be lucrative, but shipping them can be challenging. Some sellers use containers made from glass, wood, or metal. But this material is not suitable for shipping. Then what is the right packing material for shipping the candles? 

As candles are extremely sensitive items, therefore, they need special care during their shipping. People often think that shipping candles might not be possible. But this is just a misconception. You only need good packaging to ensure protection and a responsible mailing company. 

This blog will provide all the answers you need to make a perfect shipping experience for your candle boxes

Four Quick Tips for Shipping Candles

The trends of e-commerce are increasing with every passing day. There was a time when people were skeptical about ordering products online. However, now they order various things quite confidently. 

You must earn the trust of your buyers on the first sale. They should feel happy ordering from your website when they receive the order. This is possible only if;

  • The products reach them in the right condition.
  • The shipping box looks unique.
  • You provide what you promise. 

Here are some crucial things to know about how to ship candles safely:

1. Use Inserts for Protecting Your Candles 

Too much movement can crack the wax, break the glass, or dent the tin. Therefore, it is advisable to use inserts inside the box. These inserts are made from various materials like cardboard, foam, etc. 

They will protect the candles in the following ways:

  • Help keep them in place inside the box.
  • Provide a cushion against moving.
  • Organize the candles inside the box if there is more than one piece in one package. 

Moreover, you can also go for additional precautions if necessary. Using tissue paper to wrap candles will prevent them from melting into one another. Padding the candles with additional cushioning can prevent them from bumping against each other while traveling.

2. Boxes Should Be Reliable

When you pack glass candles for shipping, they may get damaged due to abrupt movements during shipping. Therefore, it is necessary to use a good material for packing them.

A corrugated box is perfect for candles enclosed in glass. The corrugated material protects because of its three layers. The two outer layers enclose an inner flute. This provides an additional cushion against any damage during shipping.

Moreover, the box size also matters, as products will be safe only if they fit inside the box correctly. The package should have a manageable size that would be easy to handle during shipping. 

You may use heavy-duty boxes when storing. Alternatively, if you are shipping tea lights or votive candles, they will weigh very little and can be sent in lighter boxes. 

Wrapping candles individually with tissue or wax paper is ideal. In addition to protecting the candle’s surface, this will isolate any scents so they won’t mix during shipping. Bubble wrap should be used whenever shipping fragile candles. 

Moreover, add handles on the box so that the box transfer will become easy. Using a string or even ribbons is good for making holders. Since the boxes are light in weight, therefore, holders will make the box even more durable. 

You can also paste labels like, “Fragile”, “Do Not Stack”, “Handle with care”, etc. on the outer packaging of boxes, too.

3. Protection against Melting

Shipping candles at extreme temperatures is not a good idea. Your pillars and votive can warp or melt when exposed to high temperatures. 

Some e-commerce companies, however, opt to freeze candles before shipping. However, they accidentally cause additional damage during the process – freezing causes the wax to crack. 

You may use frozen gel packs to ship candles. Doing this will keep them cool, prevent melting, and not freezing.

4. An Unboxing Experience 

Do you know that image is everything? E-commerce businesses must understand this point very well. You can add to the image of your boxes by giving a unique unboxing experience to the customers. 

It would be best to opt for the Candle Packaging Ideas to create an excellent unboxing experience for your buyers. This can be done in the following ways:

Use Labels – you may use labels on your boxes or candles to look different. These labels may have various colors, designs, etc. They will make your products look very interesting.

Add Notes – adding customized notes for your customers is also a way to enhance their unboxing experience. You may thank them for buying from you. The note may also have some greeting for Christmas or any normal day. These small ideas play a role in creating an emotional attachment with the customers. 

Comparing Shipping Options

Now you know how to pack candles for shipping. Here are some options for shipping. Using express shipping can reduce the risk of your candles melting during transit. The candles are delivered quickly so that they won’t stay for an extended duration in a hot truck or an uncooled sorting facility.

Furthermore, you may provide delivery tracking to your customers to inform them when the candles will arrive. This will help them not to feel lost because of their online purchase.

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