Perhaps you have thought about how to pack candles for shipping if you have a candle business. There is a lot of potentials to make money from selling candles through the power of ecommerce. With modern technology and increasingly advanced science, the candle remains ever-popular, reflecting our need for the cozy, comforting and familiar. Candle sales can be lucrative, but shipping them can be challenging. Modern candles come with a container, such as glass, wood, or metal.

As tins come with lids and are self-contain, they are ideal for candle making. Packaging material and shipping candles can be relatively easy by using containers. Candles without containers have slightly different requirements. In addition to fragile containers, candles may melt if they are too hot or overly brittle.

Use heavy-duty boxes when storing or pack glass candles for shipping, and containers if your candles are tall – like pillar candles. Alternatively, if you are shipping tea lights or votive candles, they will weigh very little and can be sent in lighter boxes. Wrapping candles individually with tissue or wax paper is ideal.

In addition to protecting the candle’s surface, this will isolate any scents so they won’t mix during shipping. Bubble wrap should be used whenever shipping fragile candles. We have covered all your questions and provided helpful tips in this article so that you will learn how to send candles successfully.

The following information will help you ship candles.

Protect Your Candles with a Cushion

Learn more about how to pack candles for shipping. Glass and tin are the most common types of containers for candles. However, you should still add a layer of cushion if you want to protect your candles naturally. To prevent the candle from shifting too much during shipping, wrap it with bubble wrap in an appropriately sized box. Too much movement can crack the wax, break the glass, or dent the tin.

Additional precautions are necessary if you are shipping loose candles. Using tissue paper to wrap candles will prevent them from melting into one another. You may want to consider padding the candles with additional cushioning so that they do not bump against each other while traveling.

Boxes Should Be Reliable

Candles are especially sensitive to the wrong box, so it’s essential to pick the right one when you ship them. A corrugated box is perfect for candles enclosed in glass. Between the item and the carton walls, the US Postal Service recommends at least two inches of cushioning.

Therefore, you should ensure there’s enough room to wrap your products with bubble wrap or tissue paper. Bubble mailers are ideal for smaller candles, such as votive or loose tapers. Use dependable shipping supplies, including “Fragile” labels, regardless of the type of candle packaging you use. Write “Do Not Stack” on the outer packaging of boxes, too.

Protection against Melting

Shipping candles at extreme temperatures is not a good idea. Your pillars and votive can warp or melt when exposed to high temperatures. Some ecommerce companies, however, opt to freeze candles before shipping.

However, they accidentally cause additional damage during the process – freezing causes the wax to crack. It would be best to use frozen gel packs to ship candles. By doing this, they will remain cool, prevent melting, and will not freeze.

Branded Packaging

Do you know that image is everything? E-commerce businesses must understand this as well. If you send packages through USPS, you can use free envelopes and boxes. We suggest that you consider the value of branding. With custom cardboard packaging, you can create a memorable experience for your recipient.

Any business relies on presentation. Personalizing candles are a better option than packaging of candle jars in plain boxes. Consider wrapping the candles in tissue paper or ribbon to give your customers a personalized touch

Comparing Shipping Options

Now you know how to pack candles for shipping. Here are some options for shipping. Using express shipping can reduce the risk of your candles melting during transit. The candles are delivered quickly, so they won’t sit for an extended duration of time in a hot truck or an uncooled sorting facility.

Furthermore, you should provide delivery tracking so your customers always know when the candles will arrive – that way, their candles won’t sit in the sun for hours before being unboxed.

Make Aesthetics a Priority

Every business depends on its presentation. Instead of using plain candle gift boxes, why not add a personal touch? Your packaging should contain decorative tissue paper, and candles should be decorating with twine or ribbons to give your customers an enjoyable shopping experience.

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