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Get complete control of your product’s packaging now because we offer custom-made eyelash boxes tailored to your product requirements and specifications. Besides the selection of color, we ensure that the size, shape, packaging material, and timeframe of order suits your liking. We propose fantastic options to our customers while keeping the window of suggestions open. Our customization options allow you to opt for different add-ons like window cut out, embossing, and raised ink patterns to project your product in a significant way. Our printing and packaging solutions are tailored to your liking so you can entirely focus on the quality of your product. Together, we ride with our clients and drop them off on the road of success.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Eyelashes are the most requested and purchased eye beauty products all around the world. Women love to wear eyelashes for formal occasions, parties, birthday celebrations, weddings, or offices to expand the length and fullness of eyelashes, and make their eyes look more beautiful and attractive. This mass utilization of the lash expansions has subsequently resulted in its large scale manufacturing. Eyelash producers are constantly looking for ways to store and pack their eyelash items so that they can reach the desired consumers in the best form and quality. Custom printed eyelash boxes are the best answer to accomplish every one of these purposes. These custom eyelash boxes are well fit for keeping the eyelashes and lash glues safe and protected for a more extended time allotment. To accomplish this level of security, Custom Cardboard Packaging produces the best-quality customized eyelash boxes that we expertly design and painstakingly manufacture to flawlessness, by the efforts of capable staff and their pure dedication.

Exceptional Printing

The latest printing techniques plus cutting-edge offset and digital facility, we use at CCP guarantees premium quality printing. Even though we offer our clients very reasonable rates, but we have never compromised on the packaging quality. We take broad consideration of the material that we use during the manufacturing and printing of our custom eyelash packaging. We give numerous printing options, so you can choose the best options for your product from the enormous collection that we offer at CCP.

Wholesale custom eyelash packaging

Get yourself some top-notch quality printed customized eyelash boxes for various lengths and styles of eyelashes. Today’s eyelashes look more typical and less pretentious. The high criterion of lashes guarantees that it gets less ensnared to get an unprecedented appearance. Eyelashes are delicate, and they don’t, generally, come shabby. Custom Cardboard packaging is among the top suppliers of custom cosmetic boxes. We convey wholesale custom eyelash boxes to different cosmetic brands. We produce custom printed eyelash boxes in shapes and sizes. Pick CCP for custom cosmetic packaging to distinguish it from the general crowd.

Leave a mesmerizing impact on the customers with custom packaging

We pack beautiful eyelashes in spectacular custom eyelash boxes to have a spellbinding impact on the spectators. Many leading cosmetic brands now use custom printed eyelash boxes to present their new range. To enhance brand validity, we imprint the logo, net weight, item name, and other essential subtleties on the customized box. Having windows and sleeves on the custom made eyelash boxes features the visual aspects of an item. Aside from presentation, customized eyelash boxes shield the eyelashes from getting damaged.

Custom box packaging affects buying decisions

We package different eyelash ranges in marvelous customized eyelash boxes that fill in as an emblem of the product. Mind-blowing craftsmanship on the custom eyelash boxes complements the item encased inside. Lustrous custom boxes with vivacious color plans and intriguing images entice the consumers into looking at a product. Custom cosmetic box packaging plays a wonderful role in changing the buying choices of consumers. And that is why all the brands are trying hard to satisfy the needs and demands of their customers by giving them the most remarkable custom box packaging.

This delicate item requires careful custom packaging

We comprehend that eyelashes are an essential part of makeup products as it enhances the facial features by adding character and volume. As they are so delicate, they require careful packaging to dismiss mileage. We offer our clients specially printed custom eyelash boxes to guarantee the prosperity and safeguard of your product. We plot unique custom packaging plans that look appealing and offer increasingly prominent worth.


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