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In an industry as competitive as cosmetics, no business can afford to can’t stay behind its competitors. It’s a given that the first thing that customers observe in a product is its packaging, even quality comes secondary. It’s the packaging that catches the eye, and as a seller, you must consider that. Eye makeup is a sensitive matter, and females are supremely concerned of which products they use and how well it is packaged. You can now get custom-made eyeliner boxes are available for all kinds of eyeliners, be it liquid, powder, gel and even in cake from this platform. The parameters and print of our boxes match clients’ requirement and likeness. With our digital printing techniques, you have an abundance of options to decorate your custom eyeliner boxes as vibrantly as you imagine.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Cosmetic companies use custom eyeliner boxes for exhibiting fluid, gel, cake, natural, and different types of eyeliners. Being the most well-known and essential part of eye cosmetics, many cosmetic brands give extraordinary consideration to eyeliner packaging. By working with CCP, you can customize the material we use in the creation of the custom printed eyeliner boxes to numerous shapes, sizes, and hues. Windows on the custom eyeliner boxes provide a clearer look at the inside product.

There are many shaded liners accessible in the market nowadays; customized eyeliner boxes that have entrancing works of art are probably going to catch the eye of your intended audience. The custom eyeliner box packaging shields the eyeliners from getting scratched. Fluid eyeliner pencil boxes with alluring hues entice the spectators into looking at the eye pencils.

Build a positive brand image:

Our packaging specialists are available for you to exploit. You can make an exquisite custom box for your eyeliners with their assistance, which advances your organic eye cosmetic items as well as lure the customers into buying only your product. With their help, select the suitable spot on your custom box to print the brand name and logo to make it progressively noticeable, and to fabricate a positive brand picture in the minds of the clients. The brand logo on the box works as a reminder for some customers, as it helps them to remember your brand.

Infinite design options:

The space accessible on your custom printed eyeliner boxes might be limited; however, your designing choices are most certainly not. With our advanced printing techniques, we provide you with numerous alternatives to improve your customized eyeliner boxes as boldly as you envision. Our professional experts will assist you throughout the process. Your opinions and our techniques will result in elegant custom packaging for sure.

Outshine your cosmetic brand with CCP:

Custom Cardboard Packaging custom print your eyeliner boxes with captivating shades, exclusive layouts, and perfect designs to not only get you noticed but also puts your item forthright and reinforce your balance in the competitive market. The custom eyeliner boxes portray the genuine quality of your eyeliners and build an impression of flawlessness in the customer’s mind. You can additionally embellish your custom printed eyeliner boxes with an assortment of finishing alternatives, like matte, spot UV, and gloss to give your items the luxurious look they deserve.

Ambitious market – Ambitious packaging:

Making unique and distinct custom box packaging has never been more accessible a few decades back. But with the latest innovations and technology, you have the option to make the desired customized packaging that you need. These advanced means make the production of custom eyeliner boxes a straightforward and modest procedure. The beauty care products industry is perhaps the biggest market in the world! Eyeliner has got its reputation in the makeup world, as women view it as a basic part of their beauty routine. For some women, this specific cosmetic product is a necessity for their makeup. Moreover, to distinguish your product from another, custom box packaging is a must.

Custom Cardboard Packaging; the best provider of custom eyeliner packaging:

As an influential box producer, CCP offers the quickest turnaround time with the complete help of our experts and educated group.  With us, you can save your money, and get your specially crafted eyeliner boxes, directly at your doorsteps everywhere throughout the USA and Canada with no shrouded charges. The quick delivery allows you to get your desired custom eyeliner boxes conveyed right where you need, and help you in streamlining the stock of your eyeliners conveniently.


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