Cookie Packaging Ideas 2023


Packaging plays a crucial role in the cookie-selling process. Through this, you can add a touch of love and care to your baked goods regardless of whether you are giving them as gifts. It keeps the cookies fresh and protects them from external contaminants. Additionally, it is also helpful in boosting customer awareness and engagement, ultimately leading to business growth.

Looking to boost your cookies to the next level? Here are some of the best creative ideas that you can use to make your cookies look more appealing and engaging.

6 Cookie packaging ideas

Here are the most practical and aesthetically pleasing packaging ideas for the cookies.

  • Custom Printed Boxes
  • Boxes with windows or die-cuts
  • Sustainable and food-grade packaging
  • Paper bags with printed logo
  • Insert for safety and aesthetics.
  • Creative cookies labels

1. Custom Printed Boxes

custom printed boxes

One of the best things to make an impression on your customers is using custom cookie boxes. The reason behind considering this idea is, as you know, it is a tailormade, so you can choose any design, color, font, or decoration according to your preference. In this way, it will grab potential customers’ attention right away, leading to an increase in business sales.  

2. Boxes with Windows or Die-cuts

die-cut-boxes for cookies

Using boxes with a dedicated window or die-cuts will promote transparency. It will allow customers to see the product content, quality, and quantity inside your packaging. As a result, buying decisions will be influenced instantly. Interestingly, it is a cost-effective solution, making it suitable for those looking for packaging ideas for businesses.

3. Sustainable and Food-Grade Packaging


Sustainability is one of the biggest ongoing concerns nowadays. Therefore, going with the recyclable material for the packaging is a good idea to contribute your part in making your environment healthy and to attract eco-conscious customers. 

Moreover, when it comes to food boxes, one more thing you need to keep in mind is the use of food-grade packaging that is chemical-proof and won’t harm the food. In this way, customers will perceive your brand as high-quality and top-notch, leading to increased sales.

4. Paper Bags with Printed Logo


Paper bags are most common in the retail industry because of their low price, lightweight, and accessibility. Using these bags with a printed logo and different designs is also suitable for customer engagement. Whether it’s little birthday treats or something else you don’t want to run to the store for cardboard boxes, these are perfect. Additionally, you can also use labels and stickers to enhance its looks a bit more.

5. Insert for Safety and Aesthetics

box with inserts for packaging ideas

Whether it’s a birthday party or just a typical day, no one wants crumbled cookies. So, to overcome this, you can use inserts with your customized packaging boxes. It will make sure the cookies remain in their place, protecting them in the transit process. 

6. Creative Cookies Labels


Lastly, using creative labels to enhance your cookies’ packaging is also an excellent idea. Although they are small in size, they have the potential to make your product stand out in a crowded market. In addition to that, you can print your brand logo, name, or QR codes on these labels that will direct your customers to your social media accounts or website, where they can learn more about your brand and other products. In short, they are the most economical marketing tool that even small businesses can afford and can incorporate into any product box style to attract customers. We are available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding cookie packaging at any time. To the best of our abilities, we provide complimentary box dieline templates and packaging mockups.

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