Many people would ask online, can you put cardboard in the oven? This is the question asked at various forums, especially pizza packaging and foodies. Well, the answer is not as simple as it sounds to be. There are many aspects involved in that single question. First of all, comes the quality of cardboard used in the manufacturing of that pizza box. We are mentioning pizza because pizza boxes are made from cardboard most of the time.

Moreover, most of the time, people love to eat hot and fresh food items. That is the reason they would put such a box in the oven. In addition to food safety, there are also home safety aspects involved. If you are also curious to know the answer, you will have to read this informative blog post till the end. We are going to share some great information in this regard.

When Can You Put Cardboard in the Oven?

Another form of the same question is when can you put cardboard in the oven? There are many instances when you can put it safely in the microwave or any other cooker. That is when you have to do it for a minimal interval of time. It is a fraction of time short enough that it will not ignite the cardboard stuff. However, it is only subject to a few cases. For a detailed overview, you will have to study the complete instructions we are sharing here. Most of the time, this choice will depend upon your oven type. We usually have different types of ovens in our kitchens. Let us try to answer the above question concerning these types.

Cardboard Dependency on Various Types of Ovens

As mentioned previously, we have to check first the type of oven used in our kitchen. It can either be a microwave or a convection oven. The first is a standard microwave that uses energy waves to warm food. As is significant from its name, these microwaves can pass and reach any point put under it. Thus, the food item will be heated in a few seconds or minutes depending upon its temperature level. For instance, if you put a frozen thing in, it will need more time.

On the other hand, a freshly packed pizza or other items will be instantly heated. If one used cardboard boxes in a microwave, these would create no such danger of ignition. However, if you put them for long, it can be alarming. The same stands true for a convection oven with a fan and exhaust system installed. The same will apply to it too. However, in that case, you shall be more cautious.

Can You Put Cardboard in the Oven with Pizza?

To put it differently, we can say whether it is safe to put a pizza in a cardboard box and then in the oven? It also depends upon various factors, including the box’s quality and how fresh the pizza is. We have to keep several points in mind when it comes to the cardboard quality. Many individuals do not have the basic structure of a cardboard box. For them, all the boxes are the same. Well, that is not the case. You cannot place all these boxes in the same category. The reason is that some are single layers and the others are double and even triple layers. There are also the corrugated ones. Some have grooves in them. This classification also helps us categorize the quality and standard of a cardboard material used in that box. So, the answer is subject to the instructions we have discussed previously, check the quality well and then take the risk of putting the pizza with a cardboard box inside an oven. The same stands true for macaron boxes.

Is There any Danger of Fire While Placing Cardboard in the Oven?

As we all know that an oven is enclosed with heat. That is a situation that can quickly put a substance on fire if the temperature level is not under control, as mentioned previously, especially for cardboard-like materials, when one does not know its paper quality or structure details. If you are unsure about the above information and put a low-standard pizza box in the oven, remember, it can catch fire at any time. And that will be an alarming situation for you. So, all you have to do is take care of those aspects first. Another great way to sustain the heat level is by preheating the convection oven. In that case, there will not be any continuous heat supply, and you will be out of the danger of fire. However, one can only apply that rule if your pizza is fresh from the shop.

Does Heated Cardboard Affect the Food Taste?

Another question with many answers. In some cases, it might affect the case, and in some, it might not. Even if the paper is not on fire directly, it might release some negligible fumes that would for sure negatively affect the taste of your food item. The same is the case with unpleasant odor release when a cardboard paper is placed in a microwave. It can destroy the bite of your freshly baked pizza. Even the oven will smell for hours with it. Thus, it will also affect the taste of other food items that you might put in the oven afterward. The cardboard might be substandard enough to comprise plastic or other materials in some cases. That will create even a worse situation for you.


After such a lengthy discussion, some might think that they can get a simple one-line answer to the above question: Can you put cardboard in the oven? The solution does not do so even if you are sure about the quality of cardboard used. The reason is that whatever the case might be, it will have some adverse effects on your pizza or any other food item. The best way to deal with that issue is to use cookie sheets and wrap your pizza or any other food item before putting it in the oven.

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