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We find loads of Cereal Boxes in a grocery store; each one of these boxes has a particular taste and attributes printed on it. If you are also looking for high-grade boxes for cereals, your search is over. At CCP, we provide you with the best affordable solutions in this regard. Whether free design or complimentary shipment at your doorstep, you will find our services top-notch. We mainly focus on innovation because these boxes have a vast target audience, including kids.

The charming and also fascinating images printed on these boxes are something that catches the observer’s eyes on the retail market shelves. Our packages also provide maximum security to your cereal products and grains. Your end-users would always find these products fresh and tasty. Moreover, these custom cereal boxes come in all sizes and shapes. We tailor them to airlock so that the cereal does not get obstructed due to the atmospheric moisture.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Why are Cereal Boxes Such a Popular Packaging Item?

As we all know, grains are popular breakfast items and so are cereal boxes. These are available for the consumers in fascinating product packaging boxes to produce a hunch for a specific brand name. You are in the right spot if you, too, have these products; we at CCP make top-grade custom cereal boxes in all shapes and sizes.

Most of these products’ manufacturers are our repeat customers. We produce these boxes up to the mark so that every client is happy with the results. Our experts are well aware of when the grain manufacturers will release new items and how to compete with the latest market trends. We have a vast range of design templates and mockups for that purpose.

Cereal Box Packaging for All Age Groups

Supplying customers with something ingenious is essential to brand name acknowledgment these days. Due to that reason, top cereal brands have made their item range popular due to their exclusive tastes and product packaging.

These products are typically used as a healthy breakfast; however, kids can take them whenever they like. That is the reason a large portion of their target audience comprises youngsters. For that reason, we emphasize the design aspect of cereal and cookie boxes.

Kids are attracted to bright colors and colorful images. We treat these funny cereal boxes with various cartoon characters and enticing slogans. Whether the cereals are for children or adults, product packaging incredibly influences the choice. This is the reason the cereal packaging designs are changed at routine intervals.

Numerous design and layout options for Cereal Packaging

As is evident from the above discussion, we do not compromise on the design aspect. No matter how hard work and time are, we would leave no stone unturned to produce splendid boxes. We have under our belt for you personalized wholesale cereal box packaging worth seeing with magnificent photos and unique color themes.

Not only that, but we also help you evaluate your target audience’s likes and supply them with cosmetically pleasing wholesale cereal boxes. For youngsters, cereal product packaging with sticker labels or challenges is an attractive option. We have a vast range of tags and character-based stickers for that purpose.

We also give you the freedom to choose characters and sticker labels of your own choice. Provide it with a soft copy, and we will modify it according to your needs and requirements. Our dedicated design and layout experts can further make them intriguing with computer-animated images.

Put a Captivating Impact through Small Cereal Boxes

Personalized boxes for grains and cereals are a great option to grasp the attention of your target audience. Even those, not your prospective clients, would be captivated by these magnificent designs and layouts. You are using fascinating shades, appealing graphics, and eye-catchy typographic fonts. All that will be enough to provide a one-of-a-kind identity to your brand in the industry. That will also be enough to make your brand stand out in the crowd of competitors. Design the very best small cereal boxes by using the latest technology. In this way, you can make excellent packaging to outperform the retail racks. It will also boost your product’s shelf value to the next level.

Food-Grade Cheap Boxes of Cereal

Affordability and quality are what we are known for in the packaging sector. No matter how small or large your order is, we will produce it to perfection. Our top-notch mini cereal boxes are made from 100% recycled paperboard and include your choice of different designs. If you’re trying to find the best selection of grain packaging boxes, you have been concerned about the right place. We concentrate on creating rare cereal boxes and tags for any item. Moreover, you can also ask for various unique styles and patterns to make your packaging more attractive and help showcase your items. Here is how we can do it in a hassle-free manner.

Eco-Friendly Cereal Box Styles with Windows

It is more than essential to reveal your item in a window cut-outbox. It will help market your article and help your customers see what is packed inside. Thus, they would display your items in a window box, food-grade corrugated board, and a box with an imprinted logo and tagline. It will save your clientele from opening the box and seeing what is inside more than conveniently.

In addition to the above style characteristics, we also take care of the supply used to manufacture your boxes as we all know that nowadays, individuals around the globe are crazy about eco-friendly packaging solutions. Even if the item is of their choice, they would only buy it if it comes in green packaging solutions. Green Cereal boxes are one of the most crucial grain advertising and marketing elements. That is the point that can boost your business to the next level in a single leap. Furthermore, it will also play a vital role in your branding. Soon, eco-friendly packaging will become a symbol and mark of recognition for your food packaging.

Why Choose Us for Cereal Packaging Solutions?

Our quality cardboard boxes for grains and cereals efficiently maintain your products fresh and unscathed for an extended period. That is not all; there are several other reasons to make you feel privileged when you contact us for cereal packaging. Here is how you can see CCP as an ultimate choice in this regard.

Top Personalization Choices

As mentioned previously, you will not find all these choices for customization under a single roof as we provide. Our seasoned designers and layout experts are dedicated enough to provide you with all the ingredients that would turn your little cereal boxes into ultimate success.

Free Design & Layout Facility

Dynamic individual cereal boxes not only package various kinds of cereals but additionally play a substantial duty in branding. Delicious chocolate, fruit, wheat, and any other taste that you may produce can be quickly encased in custom boxes. No need to mention all our designs and templates are free.

Top-Notch Printed Boxes

Designing a distinctive package calls for specialist help and top-class printing solutions. Fortunately, we have all these facilities under a single roof. You would not have to run here and there. Just place your order and sit relaxed. We will deliver your package within the expected time.

24/7 Customer Care Service

No matter at which hour of the day or night you need us, we will always be ready to serve you. We have an experienced team of highly dedicated customer support representatives for that purpose. You can also drop your queries in an email.

Free Shipment at Doorstep

Today the biggest hassle most manufacturers face is regarding the shipment of their cargo. At CCP, we take special care of it and provide you with free-of-cost delivery at your doorstep. Except for a few parts of the world we have this facility for all our customers.


What kind of variety do you offer for Cereal Boxes?

You can place orders for these boxes in any type, shape, and size. We have a substantial range of themes and mockups to entertain your requirements.

How many minimum boxes can I order at CCP?

We do not have any minimal order limitations at CCP. You can get as low as 100 cereal boxes. We would equip you with the same high quality despite just how low quantity the order is.

How much time does your shipment take to arrive?

Depending upon the particular design and layout requirements, we can supply your boxes in the minimum time possible. It generally takes 7 to 8 working days. However, if the plan is too complex or some other technicality is involved, we will inform you beforehand.

Do you provide any free samples?

Yes, all our samples and mockups are free, including the template library. We provide you with all these facilities free of cost.

What kind of supply do you use for cereal box production?

Along with design and printing solutions, we also provide stock availability. Whether you need sturdy corrugated cardboard or eco-friendly Kraft, we will furnish you with it at competitive market pricing.


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