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Vape Cartridge Boxes are often overlooked when it comes to branding. They’re the first thing a consumer sees after all! But how can you use packaging boxes to tell a brand story? One of the best ways is by designing custom cartridge packaging boxes. These personalized vape packaging boxes allow you to convey your brand’s image, logo, and even color scheme in a subtle but impactful way.

Here at CCP, we provide printing and packaging solutions to multiple organizations across the globe. We prepare custom-made cartridge boxes to give you an edge. Cartridge boxes are custom printed and custom-designed to meet your exact requirements. Our boxes highlight your brand’s distinct features and strengths in the most unique way and will not only protect cartridges from damage but will also help your product stand out on the shelf.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Cartridge Boxes by Custom Cardboard Packaging

Branding is all about telling your story, and our custom cartridge packaging solutions can help tell it in a memorable way. Whether you’re planning on the successful sales of your vape products online or at a brick and mortar store. You can always turn to us to customize the package designs and you’re your customers something to remember about your brand.

When producing best vape cartridge packaging box, there are lots of factors that we consider from start to finish—branding, quality control, shipping, design support, turnaround time, and more. Not only do our cardboard cartridge boxes help your brand get recognition in the commercial market, but also offer your vape products a ‘head-honcho’ status with customized packaging boxes in various designs and color combinations –to reflect customer’s unique taste and brand identity.

Bespoke Vape Cardboard Packages

Customized packaging boxes allow you to package your product in a unique way that reflects the personality of your brand or business. It allows customers to remember who gave them their gift. That`s why small businesses should invest in custom packaging boxes if they want people to remember them! When done well, customized packaging will not only help you stand out from competitors. It also helps build trust between you and the customer.

At, we offer our customers a full range of customization options for their packaging boxes. From colors to designs to shapes, you can simply tell us your demands and our certified engineers will put leverage those innovative printing technologies for your benefit.

Empty Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes at Wholesale Rates

Larger companies with more extensive marketing campaigns don’t bother about the packaging’s price a lot. For smaller businesses that don’t have as much money for extensive print runs. It can be difficult to decide between a high-quality printing process and cost.

Good product packaging is a simple, but crucial part of retail success. It can help protect products, get them notice on shelves and convey important information about the item inside to consumers. Packaging can often called the first impression that customers have of your brand, so you must create something that works for your brand aesthetic.

Want to get the best custom printed cartridge boxes at cheap prices? has got you covered. Branded packaging can be an effective way to promote your brand while also providing something practical for consumers. And fortunately, our empty cartridge packaging solutions are a budget-friendly option for smaller businesses who want their brand name out in front of potential customers. If you’re looking for branded boxes at reasonable prices, contact us right now.

High-Quality Printed Vape Boxes

Get the innovatively printed custom cartridge boxes in different shapes and colors through error-free printing techniques. We make use of top-quality Pantone colors to add more attractiveness to the product packaging. Our designers use the latest machinery to make appealing custom boxes that intrigue spectators at the absolute first impression and bring sales to the company. The custom printed “cartridge boxes with windows” display the inside product and let the clients have a look at the object.

Complete Range of Cart Packaging Available

The personalized cartridge packaging boxes at Custom Cardboard Packaging serve more than just one purpose. Available in different shapes and styles—they can be used to store, ship, and present a product or service in your bespoke demands. Packaging boxes also help determine the overall aesthetics of a brand. When you’re shopping for custom packaging boxes, it is important to consider how they will interact with your branding and marketing efforts.

Here are some of our innovative cart box varieties from professional designers. That may help you choose packaging that compliments your brand:

  • 1ml Vape Cartridge Packaging
  • 510 Vape Cartridge Packaging
  • Vape Cartridge Packaging Tubes

After customization, the next thing to do is imprint your brand image in the customer’s mind. Because the first glimpse or impression is something that the customer will remember and will come back to buy again from your brand. The brand logo on the custom box plays a significant role in letting the customers find the product. CCP has the most advanced printing technology to get your emblem artistically emblazoned on these custom printed cartridge boxes. The logo allows the customers to remember your brand.

Types of Material We Deal In

Materials used in the cartridge packaging:

Eco-Friendly Kraft 🡪 By utilizing Kraft, we make sure that we do not hurt the environment. These boxes are recyclable and biodegradable, which means if you embed seeds into the box material. You will plant trees by planting them in the dirt.

Corrugated 🡪 This material is best known for shipment purposes. We make a corrugated box out of woodwinds and two-level liner-boards, this combination makes it the best material for conveying delicate items.

Card Stock 🡪 Many customers inclined toward card stock material for its quality. Even though it is lighter than most paper sheets, it is heavier than standard composing material. Which makes it a good choice for custom cartridge packaging.

Rigid 🡪 The base thickness of rigid material ranges up to 32pt. As the name proposes, the material is inflexible, and for the most part, utilized for defenseless items.

Eco-Friendly Cartridge Packaging Solutions

Eco-Friendly custom vape cartridge packaging boxes are the new trend in packaging. It’s about time too! We have long realized that we must be more careful with how we treat our planet and now is the time to make a change. If you are an eco-friendly business, you already know that it isn’t always easy. You can find eco-friendly packaging boxes at a cheap price. But we are an exception! We have the fastest printers in town, make use of 100% food-grade plant-based dyes, and use quick biodegradable cardboard papers without costing you a premium. Get a quick free quote on your order from our 24/7 support team, and amazed by our low-cost packaging solutions.

Order Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes

If you’re looking for a fast and affordable way to increase your brand awareness, then vape boxes packaging by Custom Cardboard Packaging are the perfect solution. They don’t just give your business a professional edge – they can also help you stand out from the crowd. Call @ our Toll-Free number +1800-485-4179 and order custom vape cartridge boxes with quick turnaround time and fast shipping facility.


What is the use of vape cartridge boxes?

Vape cartridge packaging box is a type of packaging for e-liquid products. If you want to start selling your own e-juices or other vaping products, then you’ll need a place to put them. These boxes can quickly and easily be printed with your company’s branding and information. And a perfect to display, store, and ship e-liquids and vape cartridges.

How to make the best custom-printed cartridge boxes?

As you know, the retail packaging for your e-liquid is crucial. The goal is to make the consumer fall in love with your brand, and part of that is the aesthetic of your packaging. When designing your packaging you need to show off your product without being too obvious. There are plenty of options out there, and they come at a hefty price tag, but luckily here at we have just what you need.

How to order a custom vape cartridge box printing service online?

Ordering a custom vape cartridge packaging box online is very easy. Follow these steps:


  1. Visit the website of Custom Cardboard Packaging (CCP).


  1. Select a design of a vape cartridge box that you like and customize it according to your own requirement.


  1. Tell us about your requirement in detail and attach a high resolution image or artwork files in PDF, EPS, AI or JPG format.


  1. We will get back to you within 24 hours after reviewing and analyzing your request. You may also send us emails at or call us at +1800-485-4179 if you have any concerns or questions regarding your order.


  1. Once approved, we will start printing your custom vape cartridge boxes immediately and ship to you as soon as possible.
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