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If you want to make sure your candles are in peak condition to entice your customers, there’s no better way than printing custom candle labels. Ever since candles were invented, people have been using them for various purposes. From the most obvious, like lighting to more unique ones like providing a romantic ambience, candles are used in ways that range from practical to aesthetic.

Candles are super useful. But these wax lights won’t look super classy and elegant if you don’t have an appropriately-placed sticker. Candle stickers and wraps should be just as special and unique as the scented candles they accompany.

There’s no need to settle for boring, generic labels when you can have custom ones designed by us. We have a wide variety of designs in our library, so you can create any look that you want your candles to convey—from sleek and modern to artsy to rustic. These labels are safe for any occasion—birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, or even just a nice romantic dinner for two. We’ll take your ideas and expand them into beautiful designs that will make your customers fall in love with your candles all over again.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Custom Candle Labels Printing

If you’re a candle maker, candle seller, or candle-related business owner, you know that personalized candle labels are integral to selling them. Candles are beautiful, comforting, and a great way to add an intimate ambience to a room. But if you’re going to do a business out of it, you better have some quality labels for them.

What do our custom candle labels do exactly? They display the name of the scent, size, and ingredients. And other important info about each candle—all in a colorful display you’ll want to share with your customers. They are also an essential part of candle packaging. Your customers want to feel confident in the candles they buy for themselves, their loved ones, or a special occasion. The only way to make sure that happens is to give them all the information they need right on the label.

CCP specializes in creating gorgeous labels that make your candles look even more impressive than they already do. We believe our candle tin labels are a great addition to any candle maker’s arsenal. Whether you’re making candles for sale or just for fun. Not only that, but if you have any questions about our service or need help designing your candle safety labels. We’ve got a team of customer service representatives who are more than happy to help.

Features of Custom-Printed Candle Labels

Custom-printed labels are a fun and unique way to establish your brand. And make your candles stand out in a crowd. But what kind of features do they have? Here’s a quick rundown:

➤ You can choose from various sizes, including round, square, rectangle, oval, and more. The most popular size is 6″ x 1.5″, which fits the average pillar candle.

➤ Since you’re customizing these labels with your designs and photos. There’s no limit to what you can do with them. We’ll print them on any of our paper stocks. And provide you with lots of printing options. So you can create the perfect product for your candle business.

➤ You can upload artwork from our exclusive templates that look great on all of our stock labels. And provide you with lots of customization options. Plus, if you want to get fancy with it, we have many fonts to choose from.

➤ We can print on vinyl, paper, or a variety of other materials. So your label will be shiny and elegant—or matte if that’s what fits better with your brand. And since our candle warning labels wrap around the candle, your whole label will be visible when it’s placed in a holder.

➤ They’re going to wrap around like a dream. They’re easy to peel, and they stay on tightly with no curling or peeling at all!

Luxury Candle Label Printing Wholesale

Candles are a luxury item in their own right; their fragrant glow is an essential part of any home décor or special occasion. And with luxury brands going mainstream, it’s no coincidence that candle sticker labels are also gaining popularity. Therefore, if you’re looking for a boost to your candle sales, luxury labels are the way to go. We can print beautiful custom labels that you can attach to your candles or candle boxes. And they’ll look like a million bucks!

These labels are what make your candles look friendly and expensive. They’re just one more thing that will help draw other people’s attention to your products. And the more attention you get from potential customers, the more sales you’ll be able to make. They come in a wide variety of materials, finishes, and sizes. You can match them with our other products to give your brand a cohesive look. And feel that will attract your customers. And make them return time and time.

Lots of Printing Options

These days, it’s all about personalization. We’re not just talking about monogramming your new set of sheets. We mean taking the time to invest in something that speaks to you. And matches your style. You’re looking for a place to find all of your printing needs in one place. And we’re here to make that happen.

We can create custom candle labels in any printing option you could ever dream up: from logo embossing to hot foil stamping to UV coating and even gloss or matte finish printing. And if you’re looking for something more customized than just a simple label, we can work with you to create a full-on design with whatever font or graphic elements you have in mind.

Because we believe that every small detail matters, we’ve taken the time to offer our clients a wide range of label printing options. For example, if you want to add a unique flair to your candles and other home/personal items, our embossed candle labels are an ideal choice. They make an excellent gift for special occasions. And they can also help you build your brand as a business owner.

Plus, if you want to make sure that your design is indeed yours. And no one else’s. Then we can provide UV labeling for you. This coating allows for a matte finish and creates a unique texture on the label’s surface. It’s also resistant to water and can hold up under harsh conditions.

Different Font Styling Options

Are you looking for a great font for your luxury candle labels? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We offer all kinds of different fonts, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our fun and funky font styles are perfect for anyone who wants their brand to have an edgy, hipster vibe. Next, try one of our clear, crisp font styles for something more romantic and sweet. It’s because they give a finished look to any product or packaging.

In addition, we’ve got all sorts of fun fonts in our collection, and they’re all customizable to your tastes. Some are floral, some are geometric, and others are plain cute. So go ahead: Choose the perfect font and order readable labels from us.

Event-Based Labels for Candle Packaging

What’s better than choosing candle jar labels that reflect the theme of your event? If you’re hosting a wedding, you might be surprised that you have so many options when it comes to customizing the perfect candle warning labels. After all, this is a special day for you and your partner. And you want every detail to show that love and joy. From different shapes like hearts and champagne glasses to adding images of you and your partner on the label itself. You can easily show how much work went into making these candles as unique as your relationship!

When you’re planning the perfect baby shower, you want everything to be just right. So instead of settling for candles that are boring or plain, use elegant candle labels to make the event complete. For example, you can use these funny candle labels for announcing the gender of the baby.

In addition, we also offer fine quality printing on other products like candle jars and tins. You’ll be able to customize the design, color, and font on our sturdy vinyl labels. So order now. And get started on making your candles look amazing.

Finest Print Quality

Are your candles losing the fire they used to have? Are your customers not getting as excited about them as they used to? We can help! Our high definition printing process uses only the best inks, so your labels look vibrant. And unlike other processes, ours does not fade over time or with exposure to heat and light. So your labels will continue to look great for years to come. They’ll even maintain that “just-printed” appearance, giving your product a professional appeal.

Each label is printed in full color on a high-quality paper stock that won’t fade or bleed through over time. In addition, the ink is water-resistant and will stay shiny and vibrant for years to come. These are labels that will last, and they’re going to make your candles look bright, beautiful, and professional.

Labels for All Types of Candles

We use our custom printing technology to print labels for candles of all types: soy candles, tea lights, pillar candles, and candle jars. We can help you find the right way to put your story out there. Whether you’re looking to:

  • promote a brand
  • Get your name out there as a small business
  • bring attention to your candles on retail shelves.

Think of us as a one-stop-shop for all things candle label related. The wonderful world of candles is exciting to live in. But it gets even better when you start playing with the labels. At CCP, we help you take your products to the next level by creating luxury candle labels that stand out and get noticed.

Cheap Printing Rates & No MOQ

CustomCardboardPackaging ® is a leading printing company in the USA. And we offer low-cost, high-quality labels for your candles. Our goal is to make the process of buying bulk candle stickers fast, easy, and convenient. Therefore, your business can focus on what you love best: filling orders, designing your candles and growing your brand.

With no minimum order quantity (MOQ), you can order as little as 50 labels if that’s what you need. You won’t find this flexibility with any other supplier out there—and we guarantee it. We offer hundreds of different label options for all of your needs. You’ll love our wide variety of paper types and designs, including white candle labels with gold foil stamping, brown kraft paper labels with a grease pencil option, or black metallic labels with a matte finish.



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