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The candle business is popular around the globe. It is one of the most trending yet extremely practical business ventures one can ever try. The same is the case with the Candle Boxes. There are numerous types of candles for various yearly occasions. In the same way, we find different packaging styles and boxes to secure and market them. As these products are popular around the world, it has become a large market.

If you want your candles to boost up you must choose some innovative packaging techniques. In addition to being really easy to produce, candle light boxes are very interesting to work upon. At CCP we have a vast range of packaging ideas to implement for that purpose. Get in touch with us today to get the most out of your custom candle boxes. Our customized published candle product packaging makes sure to help you represent your brand name economically.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Get Cost-Effective Custom Candle Boxes from CCP

Some individuals think that it is not cheap to acquire custom candle boxes. In some cases, it might be true however at CCP we make it a highly affordable choice for you. Each time you come to us we offer you unique and trendy boxes. These branded packaging solutions would certainly help you stand out among the sea of competitors. We have years of experience in the candle packaging industry. During these years we have worked with countless customers from around the globe. Our business specializes in helping small and large businesses establish their mark of identification. Let us tell you more about our packaging. Let us guide you on how to get affordable packaging solutions from CCP.

How Custom Candle Packaging Wholesale by CCP Help You Save Money

Who will not want to save some budget on their packaging venture? Of course, no one. Normally vendors and candle manufacturers are in search of solutions that provide cheap packaging. If you are also one of those, you have hit the right spot. We offer highly affordable packaging solutions without compromising on quality. Our custom candle packaging wholesale USA solutions begin as low-cost as anyone can afford them. Unlike other bulk order suppliers, we do not need a huge order for that purpose. You can place your wholesale order in a minimum quantity too. We also give you the fringe benefit of publishing your layout onto stickers and labels. Hence you can also get in touch with us for candle labels.

Order Candle Packaging Boxes in Any Shape and Style

Easy and diversified customization is our specialty at CCP. We offer numerous personalization options at cost-effective pricing. With our free design and layout facility, you can try various designs without the fear of raising your price quote. You can even get free mockups and 3D references. Overall these years we have served many clients and their customization choices are a part of our library. All that makes our custom boxes even richer for the newbies. We can guide you through many design layouts that you may not have tried until now.

Moreover, we know how to tackle the latest trends according to seasonal packaging. Whether you place an order for Christmas candles or those for big day celebrations or even a birthday party, our design team will never disappoint you. All that is enough for our customers to value our candle packaging boxes. You too can benefit from these services by just placing a call at our customer support number.

Get a Perfect Display with Luxury Candle Box Packaging

As is obvious from the previous details we shared about our services, you can trust us for any sort of candle box packaging at affordable pricing. It is not just limited to the ordinary packaging of your products but we also offer the same services for luxury and gift candle boxes. You also get numerous modification choices that would make your luxury candle packaging boxes more impressive and approvable for the target audience.

With countless shapes, dimensions, shades, themes, and color options to select from, the sky will be the limit. Amidst all that, we assure you to find the best product packaging for your candle business. If you can’t locate it on our style board, just utilize our call support to talk with one of our courteous representatives. They can provide you options for luxury candle boxes wholesale that do not also exist yet or will function to transform your bespoke style requests into an astounding reality.

Safety and Security is Our Top Most Priority at CCP

When it comes to the luxury and stylish candles boxes one has to be extra cautious regarding their safety. As we know that these items are crafted in a very delicate way. Some of these might have embellishments or ornamental effects. It is more than essential to keep them safe during transportation. We offer a big variety of candle box packaging that can ensure safety and security and security for your item. For that purpose, we have specially designed candle shipping boxes.

You do not need to fret about the safety of your item as we take special care in this regard. There is no single aspect that we do not have in mind. Just share your needs and requirements and leave the rest on us. Let us elaborate further on how various inserts and ribs are effective for our cardboard boxes.

Cost-Effective Candle Gift Boxes with Inserts & Ribs

Picture exactly how awesome would it be to have custom-made retail boxes for candles that have been personalized with various accessories? It will not only add to the style of your cable packaging solutions but also the safety of the item packed inside. Ribs and inserts play a crucial role in securing your candles during mechanical shocks. That can often occur during transportation when an item has to bear mechanical shocks. Aside from these, you can also choose other options according to your budget and requirements. Various customers have different choices and preferences for the safety of their candle packaging wholesale.

You too can share any specific need and requirement that you might have. For instance, many individuals prefer to have candles boxes designed for their branding. In that scenario, they need some specific embellishments to make their packaging stand out from the crowd. If you too have any such requirements, feel free to get in touch with us anytime you like. You will always find our customer support department at your service.

Give a Spellbinding Look to Your Candle Box Packaging with CCP

There are numerous brands of candles available around the globe. Gone is the time when candles were just used for lightning purposes. Nowadays we most of the time use them for ornamental and decorative purposes. Whether it is a Christmas function or a birthday celebration, you will find numerous versions of small and large candles displayed out there. Of course, there is a long journey amid their presence at that spot and the industry they were manufactured at. The candle box packaging industry acts as a bridge in all that scenarios. At CCP we take special care of all these aspects.

Acquire Full Guidance on any Style You Like

Our dedicated staff is well aware of the fact how diversified are the needs of the candle industry. While designing each package in a spell-bound manner we also take care of all these aspects. All that effort results in eye-catching packaging for each type of candle that you may produce. We provide complete flexibility to our consumers when it involves picking a style. Our dependable personnel and resources aid you pick whatever style you like. You can even suggest any out-of-the-box unique design. Our highly proficient design and layout team will try its best to implement it for you.

Competitive Edge of CCP for Candle Packaging Solutions

After going through the above details some of our readers might want to know why to choose our services. Though there is a long list of plus points and attributes that would make us your topmost choice, here are a few of the most essential points that one may not ignore.

Amazing Printing Results at Fastest Turnaround Timing

Spectacular candle box printing is the need of time. Our modern digital and offset printing at affordable pricing is a plus point for us. We make every effort to provide the most effective results. Prompt printing and also delivery are the core values of our business upon which we never compromise.

Free Shipment Services and Delivery Solutions

Another positive aspect of our packaging service is free shipping and logistics. Our complimentary delivery solutions are available throughout the USA as well as in Canada.

Superior Quality at Lowest Possible Pricing

While promoting our customers to the optimum limits of quality, we cannot even think to burden them by overbilling. Our accelerated candle packaging boxes solutions fees are a lot less than the common offerings in the market.

Free Designs and Layout Services

Behind each mesmeric candle, the box is the effort of our design and layout team. The most relaxing point is that we do not charge you extra for design services. It is one of the most startling options we have for you.

Our Packaging Services Do Not Hurt the Environment

Green packaging is our specialty. Whether it is the usage of sustainable paper stock for candle product packaging or the manufacturing process. We take care that none of our processes injure the ecosystem in which we live and breathe.

Highly Prompt Customer Care Service

We believe in promoting our clientele rather than our services. You are the most precious aspect of our business. That is the reason we would never let you suffer for a single second. Keeping that in mind we provide round-the-clock customer care services for candles boxes. Our highly courteous and educated representatives are always there to address your queries.

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What is the use of custom candle boxes?

Candle packaging boxes are a way for you to make your candle business stand out from the crowd. You can use them for storage, or to wrap your candles in a presentable manner. The custom candles boxes will help you sell more candles because your product will look more professional.

Where to get the best custom candle box printing service?

The right candle boxes can turn your candles into a fantastic gift or a great addition to an event. offers the best in custom candle packaging boxes at affordable prices and we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our products.

We have a variety of styles of candle boxes from which you can choose from, as well as sizes that are sure to fit your needs. All of our custom printed boxes are beautifully made and are hand-crafted with the highest quality materials.

We also offer standard sized candle packaging boxes that can be customized if need be and we also provide different types of printing for your packaging box such as offset, digital and screen printing. Choose us for all of your custom packaging box needs because we will not disappoint!

How to order custom-made candle boxes online?

You can order best quality candle boxes online by following these steps:

  1. Visit or contact their candle box manufacturing team at +1800-485-4179.
  2. Tell your order requirements. You may choose from already designed templates, or tell us about your own.
  3. Receive a free quote from the CCP team.
  4. Once you approve, CCP will initiate the production of the candle boxes.
  5. Your candle boxes will be dispatched at your address.


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