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Burger boxes are important for restaurants, burger sellers and other food businesses. They make the transportation of burgers easy and hassle free. These boxes are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs. You can get them in the standard kraft paper and cardboard material or you can get them custom made with your own design and style. Custom made burger packaging protects the burger from getting soggy or squashed while they are being transported or sold. They also help in branding.

We know that custom burger boxes are your number one priority. That’s why we make them our number one priority by custom designing every box to your exact specifications. Whether you are a local burger joint or a top national chain, we have the experience and commitment to customer service to make your burger packaging needs easy and stress-free.

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Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Burger Boxes Printing & Manufacturing Service by CCP

CCP makes custom sandwich and burger boxes for many top fast-food chains. We can print orders in bulk on special cardboard boxes. Our pick-and-open box capabilities make it both practical and economical to order all your supplies in one location, including every size of paper sleeve you need. Our printing experts can design your food boxes with any logo, picture, or message you want. If you need help with ideas for your burger packaging we can help you with that too. To aid in making your order we offer full printed die lines and technical drawings for all of the boxes we stock.

Types of Boxes We Make

Restaurants everywhere have been asking for a better burger box, and we’ve got it. We’ve taken advantage of our advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to make different types of boxes for burger packaging, delivery, and takeaway.

Standard Corrugated Cardboard Box:

This box has a locking mechanism that keeps the burgers fresh and hot while they’re sitting on the counter. This box is made out of corrugated cardboard, meaning it holds more weight than a regular cardboard box. And has a locking feature that tightly holds the burger in shape during transit. It’s also resistant to grease. So, you don’t have to worry about it holding onto grease or bacteria.

Boxes with Handles:

A sturdy handle on the top of the box means your customers can bring your burger to wherever you like to eat, whether it’s their couch, your desk, or the beach. They’re gable boxes, so they’re great for any type of food you want to serve. They’re also great for fast food parties.

Boxes with Air Vents:

These new custom burger boxes by CCP feature an innovative ventilation design that lets in the fresh air and ensures that burgers remain warm until they are ready for consumption. These vents work by stopping condensation and steam from taking place inside the box. Therefore, preventing the crispy burger patty and fresh buns from going soggy due to steam water.

Boxes with Reinforced Corners:

Food and beverage companies were tired of dealing with burger boxes with corners that popped open, causing their precious burgers to fall out and get smashed—not to mention the sauces and dressings that would go everywhere. It was a mess for everyone involved. So, we got to work figuring out how to create the strongest burger box possible, and now we have done it! Our new line of boxes has reinforced corners that keep your burgers safe no matter how dramatic their curves may be—whether you’re talking about the Tower burger, the Zinger burger, or the mighty BigMac. You can rest easy knowing that even if the box is dropped, your burger will survive intact and be ready to eat.

Types of Printing Varieties We Offer

Custom printed burger boxes are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs. You can choose from plain white, beige, or brown colored boxes to more sophisticated designs such as gold foil, silver foil, or embossed boxes with intricate designs on the inside and outside. The cost of custom printed boxes depends on the size of your order. If you are only ordering one piece then you can expect to pay around 30¢ per box. But if you order in bulk then you will be able to get them for much cheaper prices. CCP offers the following box burger printing options.

Logo Printing:

You can have your business logo printed on the front side of the box, as well as any other information that you want. We offer free design assistance to all our customers. You can get your logo printed on these boxes for free. Since we believe in long-term relationships, we do not charge extra for logo printing the boxes.

Hot Foil Stamping:

Our hot silver foil stamping service is a 3D emboss technique that allows for the creation of burger packaging boxes with raised lettering and graphics. This process creates a paperboard box with text and graphics that are raised above the surface of the paper. These boxes are perfect for corporate branding, restaurants, bakeries, or any type of retail business in which you would like to create a lasting impression on your customers by using high-quality packaging that also represents your brand.

Silver Foil Wrapping:

The silver foil wrap is where the quality of your meal lies. When food comes in contact with this material, it reacts and creates a chemical reaction that preserves the taste, smell, and nutritional value of your food. Because it’s wrapped in silver, the paper doesn’t absorb any moisture from the food. This means that the burger doesn’t dry out before the customer can eat it. The silver barrier also prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the box and possibly making it soggy.

Boxes for All Burger Recipes & Sizes

Every detail of your burger matters, from the quality of the meat to the freshness of the veggies. So why would you risk messing that up by serving it on a sub-par box? We make custom burger boxes in every size and shape, so you can be sure that your burgers are always presented just right. You choose the style, color, texture, and font for your boxes, and we’ll make them just how you want them.

No matter what kind of burger you’re selling—classic 4 oz. patties, monster zingers, or double cheeseburgers with bacon—our custom boxes have got you covered. Need extra room for fries or sauces? No problem! We offer customized boxes that will keep all your sides snug alongside your juicy burgers. As if that weren’t enough, we also offer Kraft paper bags to help you keep things eco-friendly and recyclable.

Here are the types of burger boxes that CCP makes.

Combo Boxes: Want to offer combos? Check out our combo boxes! They come in three different sizes, and can easily hold your burger, fries, and sauce in one convenient package. You’ll reduce food waste, save money on packaging costs, and make your customers happier with an easy grab-and-go option.

Classic Boxes: The classic 4-ounce burger box is perfect for any burger you want to serve.

Zinger Box: The zinger burger box, with extra compartments for sauces or any other add-ons you may want to provide for customers looking for something with a little more flair.

Tower Box: The tower burger box has an added compartment to hold your fries and a sauce packet! This is perfect for when you are offering a combo deal.

Kraft Paper Bags: And if you don’t want a box, we also make kraft paper bags that will do the job just as well. Our Kraft Paper Bags are made from 100% recyclable paper, meaning they’re also biodegradable and able to be composted. They are also significantly more affordable than custom boxes, making them an ideal option for businesses that want to reduce costs on packaging without sacrificing quality.

Why Choose CCP for Custom Burger Boxes?

We are experts in making packaging for the industry.

We have been producing a wide range of boxes for years, including burger boxes in wholesale. Therefore, we know the market trends and can help you to get what’s best for your brand. We work in an eco-friendly manner and make use of environment-friendly materials to make boxes that help you to earn an eco-friendly image in the market.

Wholesale prices:

We offer burger boxes wholesale prices as we are a box manufacturer and print in bulk. We operate at large-scale facilities that allow us to offer wholesale prices. You can get cardboard burger boxes at wholesale prices from us just by placing your order in bulk. We also provide free shipping of orders with free designing assistance and free die-cutting die service.

Fast turnaround:

We understand that time is money and you need to stock up on custom burger boxes before the holiday season. Therefore, we offer a quick turnaround time of 8-12 business days after the finalization of the design. If you have any urgent requirements, you can contact us for rush delivery options as well.


We do not set any minimum quantity limit for our customers, we believe that every customer deserves our service regardless of their order quantity. You can order boxes according to your needs and get them delivered to your doorstep without paying extra money for shipping.

Free Graphic Design Support:

Our team of experienced graphic designers is always available to provide a free consultation to our customers to make sure that they get exactly what they want for their product packaging and promotion. We also offer a free 3D mockup service so that you can visualize how your product will look when packed inside the box.

HD Printing:

High-Definition (HD) printing is super-important for good box quality! It ensures that your print job is going to look sharp and clear and that you won’t have to worry about any smears or smudges on the boxes when they arrive at your location.

Good Quality Cardboard:

The materials we use are top-of-the-line, which means your burgers won’t get squished or otherwise damaged during transport. No worries about soggy burgers or crying over flattened buns!

Free Shipping:

We’ll deliver your order for free! It doesn’t matter where you are in the world—we’ll send it to you for no charge at all. (Some restrictions apply.)

Unbeatable Discounts:

If you find a lower price on custom boxes anywhere else, let us know and we’ll work our hardest to beat it. With our wholesale pricing, you can get more for less every single time.


What are burger boxes made of?

Burger boxes are used to package burgers and other food items in a fast-food restaurant. They are typically made of corrugated fiberboard, a type of cardboard, to make them sturdy and durable, yet flexible enough for easy wrapping around burgers and other food items.

What types of materials do you offer?

Our burger boxes come in three types of material: corrugated cardboard, standard cardboard, and kraft paper.

Why are CCP’s burger boxes special?

We make boxes that are custom to your size specifications, use HD printing to create a look that will make your customers hungry, and are made of sturdy, eco-friendly cardboard. Contact us today to get a quote on our low prices and get started with your order!

Are these boxes food grade?



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