Benefits of Custom Mailer Boxes for An Ideal Ecommerce Packaging


The trends of e-commerce businesses have increased the importance of mailer boxes. They are the best option to ship your products safely and are ideal for providing subscription offers to your customers.

What are Mailer Boxes?

These boxes are composed of corrugated cardboard material and are sturdy enough to protect the products packed inside. They are made so that they do not need any external coverings to keep the products safe.

Moreover, they are also good for providing an aesthetic element to your brand image as you may print your business name and logo onto them. It helps you leave an impact on the customers who receive packages every day from you.

Benefits of Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

You can use subscription boxes to make huge profits for your e-commerce business, as your customers are willing to pay for something more if you can provide it. Their packages need extra protection (particularly fragile items). But to achieve that, you need custom corrugated shipping boxes that provide protection and improve the presentation of your products.

Here are the benefits of mailer boxes for your business:

1. Impress the Customers at First Sight

Boxes are the first interaction of the customers with the products. Hence, they play a role in creating a unique first impression of your brand.

One of the advantages of custom-printed boxes is that you can design them to make the customer feel happy upon receiving the package.

When receiving a well-packed item, the recipient will get a positive impression of your company. Suppose you use a specially designed and printed mailer box. In that case, the customers will notice it since it will differ from the standard brown boxes and white envelopes received daily.

2. Light in Weight

The best thing about these shipping boxes is that they are light in weight. They are mostly made from corrugated material that provides high protection to the products and is light in weight.

This also helps reduce the shipping costs as the weight of the boxes reduces, and the only weight is that of the products packed. The lightweight can further benefit you in the following ways:

  • Allow easy transport and handling of the products.
  • Help store the products.
  • Convenient for customers to carry the box.

3. Get Repeated Orders

The first positive impression is likely to translate into repeat business. A word-of-mouth endorsement as someone who received a great product delivery is more likely to order again from that company.

Good packaging plays an important role in creating the customer’s trust in the brand. Once your customers start trusting you, you will get repeated orders. Hence, boxes will prove to be a source to increase your sales.

4. Improve the Unboxing Experience

Shipping boxes are important in providing your customers with an amazing unboxing experience. In addition to the outward appearance, you can also work on the inside of the box to enhance the unboxing experience for the customers.

You may add to the unboxing experience of your customers in the following ways:

  • Print on the inside of the box.
  • Place thank you notes or greeting cards inside the box.
  • Use bubble wrap or paper wraps to give your brand a premium image.
  • Surprise the customers by placing a small gift inside the box.

5. Ensure Product Safety During Shipping

Custom boxes are also very useful in protecting items during shipment. They do this by providing an inescapable cushion for the object being shipped.

You can also use inserts or dividers made from corrugated cardboard to hold different items inside your packages. These cardboard dividers provide cushioning to keep fragile items safe during transit. Moreover, dividers help keep the individual items intact and prevent them from rubbing against one another, which may cause damage.

6. Affordable for any Brand

The customization options of mailer boxes wholesale make them highly cost-effective for any brand. You may customize them according to your budget, product, and customer requirement. Moreover, you can also decide the material to be used in their making.

They protect the products and keep them safe during shipping. Hence, it saves you from the costs of parcel returns and product exchanges in case of damage.

7. Safe for the Environment

Mailer cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly because of the material used in their making. They are made from recycled or recyclable, biodegradable material, causing no harmful impact on the environment.

Your customers may also reuse them after product delivery. This is the best option for businesses with a lot of shipping since it helps to reduce waste and save the environment.

Moreover, if you are running a business where your customers are concerned about the environment, in that case, this is the right e-commerce packaging solution for you.

8. Customizable according to your Requirements

Shipping boxes are generally made of high-quality corrugated fiberboard. Their designs are unique and customized according to your brand requirements.

You may also print any design or information on them according to your requirement. Moreover, they are also available in any size that you ask for.

The following are the customization options for these boxes:

  • Add-ons (Spot UV, embossing/debossing, hot foil stamping)
  • Finishing (lamination, varnish)
  • Custom inserts (for protection or branding by placing notes or cards)
  • Box styles
  • Box dimensions
  • Printing options

9. Anti-Tampering

When customers receive their orders, they are always concerned about their tampering. Hence, shipping boxes provide the best anti-tampering packaging solution for your products. Their box opening is safe, ensuring that your customers are the first to open it.

Moreover, you may also use seals or anti-tampering stickers on your boxes to provide enhanced safety to the boxes.

10. Help with Business Branding

Branded subscription boxes are an important investment in your business. They help build a positive brand image and show potential customers you are concerned with safety and quality.

You can customize the mailer box design according to your brand requirements to represent your name.

They are an affordable way of producing a professional image which can greatly impact sales throughout your business.

Hence, subscription boxes are a great way to promote your business and show off your branding. And they also let you put your name on the market in a very cheap yet effective way.

Using mailer packaging can positively impact your company, more so than you might imagine at first. So, don’t hesitate to look into these options the next time you’re in the market for mailer boxes.

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