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Apparel boxes are a must-have to lure clothes enthusiasts and turn them into long-lasting clientele. We take care of all these requirements at CCP regarding your clothing service. Whether it is cutting-edge, fashionable product packaging or out-of-the-box design, we fulfill all your requirements under a single roof. You need custom apparel boxes for outstanding results for whatever product you are marketing. We would design these boxes so that your products would stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Our apparel packaging acts as an advocate for your brand. Whether you want apparel box packaging for headwear products, neckwear, body outfit, or legwear, we have a solution for all your needs and demands, and that too at reasonable pricing. We also provide you with free-of-cost designs and layout support. No need to mention you also get a free shipment facility at your doorstep. Get in touch with us now to enjoy all these benefits.

Retail Boxes

Available in all 
shapes & sizes

14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous
Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold
foiling/ silver foiling


Fantastically Designed Apparel Boxes of All Sorts

At CCP, we take utmost pleasure in creating cutting-edge apparel boxes. Our top-quality printing and manufacturing services would transform your packaging experience into exceptional. Tailor your apparel packaging boxes, neckwear product packaging, and swimwear product boxes with a few-step process. You can select any design from the offered collection. We provide you with all the design assistance you need in this regard. Above all our designing and layout services are free. No matter how many repetitions or alterations you make, we are always there to serve you. You can also choose ready-made designs from our custom designs. It will save you time and energy. Get infinite size possibilities from small to medium, product choices, decoration options & excellent quality printing in all shades. In short, we offer you excellent in-house designing and customization possibilities that you would not find anywhere else at that price plan.

Creatively Designed Custom Apparel Boxes

Creativity is the key to modern packaging. We see unique designs of rigid apparel boxes all around us. These are the voices of the brand they represent. You can also become a part of that race by working with our highly dedicated team at CCP. We have all sorts of design and layout options ready for you. No matter what type of apparel you have, we will create unique packaging for them. Whether you want boxes for tee shirts, wedding dresses, or lingerie, get our apparel packaging boxes in superior stock. We also take care of the distinctive styles in fad these days. All that effort is to captivate design-loving audiences through custom apparel boxes. Getting your clothing boxes printed according to your needs is a straightforward and problem-free procedure with CCP.

Magnificent Range of Apparel Gift Boxes

Are you a garment business seeking to load your apparel with dignity? Our apparel gift boxes with lids are the answer to your queries. Do you want to pack luxury devices like cuff-links, tie pins, or other accessories? CCP is the right place for you to finish all your worries. All our boxes are available according to your custom needs and demands. Get special apparel boxes wholesale for luxury and ordinary clothing. Surprise your recipients with unique gifts and items of their interest. Our custom boxes are designed perfectly for that purpose. We help you make your target audience feel thrilled and build their emotional link with your brand name. Make your prospective customers wow with enticing and exciting cardboard boxes during every advertising or gift-giving project.

Get Enticing Packaging for all sorts of Apparels.

The apparel industry is always full of innovations. The same stands for luxury apparel boxes. These are the most diversified packaging solutions one can ever find for clothes. No matter which variety you produce, we at CCP have a team of experts to entertain it. We help you level up the overall look of your item packaging. All you have to do is share your needs with our design team, and they will take care of the rest. The accurate precision and high printing are the separating lines that distinguish us from our competitors, under the wide variety of apparel items, whether tops, skirts, ties, legwarmers, swimsuits, underclothing, or any other items combination that you produce. We also take care of the design aspect of each clothing type. That is why all pour boxes are unique from each angle.

Try Apparel Box Variety for Next Level Branding

Custom apparel packaging is not only for the safe delivery of your items but also concerning advertising and marketing. That is the aspect that most manufacturers often ignore. It involves the printing and choice of various colors. A layout that will make your brand more visible than the other brands. Before your client ever sees your apparel, they’ll see the box that it’s in. Whether you’re showing garments in-store or providing a consumer order, our personalized published garments boxes supply a terrific quality to your clothing. It will undoubtedly reinforce a consumer’s impression of your products. With us, you can select as many color schemes, artworks, illustrations, and other points you want to publish on customized garments boxes. In short, it boosts the impactful branding of your apparel brand name while luring your in-store consumers.

Entice Your Buyers with Sturdy Black Packaging

The production of clothes is not the only point that you’re concerned about. Sometimes the appearance of the packaging means even more than anything. Black apparel boxes are an excellent example in this regard. There is no comparison to it when it comes to a powerful impact. In matte or any other finishing, it will everlasting affect your target audience. These Black Garments Boxes are for any person or service looking for premium apparel product packaging garments associated products. Finished in a jaw-dropping and modern black gloss, these boxes exude class and will include a touch of elegance to your products. You can order these boxes even in bulk in any size and dimension. We would design them so that you will be astonished to look at the result.

All the beauty of these black boxes lies in the brilliant black color. In addition, we can also provide you with bags to put in these boxes. The same goes for inner wrappings and inserts that would undoubtedly add to your apparel’s glory.

Sales Boost with Eco-Friendly Garments Packaging

Today our globe is facing an ever-increasing danger of pollution. There are harmful gasses and other poisonous elements released due to industrial wastes. The same goes true for the garbage that accumulates on the earth’s surface. The best way to deal with that problem is to utilize eco-friendly packaging. It will also enhance your target audience as many people would only buy products that come in green packaging. Even if they like an item, they will not accept it as long as it is in sustainable packaging. At CCP, all our wholesale apparel boxes are made from 100% recycled material. Not only that, but we also take care that none of our manufacturing goes against the eco-friendly rules.

Why Choose CCP for Apparel Box Packaging?

There is more than one reason for it. The most beneficial attributes we can be proud of are discussed as under. Our top-notch services are not just limited to the benefits listed below, but it is to give you a slight view of our services.

Free Delivery and Shipment:

We would not charge for the delivery or logistics. All our shipments for apparel packaging boxes are free of cost. We have some limitations for a few parts of the world, but these too are at quiet nominal fees.

Top-Notch Printing Quality

No packaging solution can survive without top-class printing. At CCP, we have that facility without high costs. It is a part of your package. No matter what type of printing you require, we will deliver it fast and steady.

Fast Turnaround and Delivery Time

Your time is more precious to us than anything else. That is why we do not waste a single second in delivering your order. For that purpose, we have a fast turnaround time. Usually, all our orders are shown at the given time.

Free Design and Layout Assistance

Many packaging solution providers would charge you for the design assistance they provide. However, that is not the case with CCP. All our design support is free of cost. No matter how many revisions you make, we would not charge you anything for it.


What sort of variety do you have for apparel boxes?

You can place orders for apparel boxes in any shape and size you like. We have a vast range of templates and mockups to entertain your needs and requirements.

How many boxes can I order minimum at CCP?

We do not have any minimum order restriction at CCP. You can order as low as you like. We would furnish you with the same quality no matter how intense the order.

What is the maximum time for order delivery?

Depending upon the specific design and layout needs, we can deliver your apparel boxes in the minimum time possible. It usually takes 7 to 8 working days.

What is the response rate for your customer care service?

Whether you have any query for apparel boxes or any other item packaging solution by CPP, our response rate is prompt. Our client assistance team is busy night and day to fulfill your requirements.

How much do you charge for shipment?

At CCP, we do not charge for shipment. All your orders are delivered free of cost to your doorstep. Except for a few parts of the world, we have this facility for all our clients.


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