6 Reasons to Use Kraft Take Out Boxes for Food Packaging


Kraft take out boxes are the main containers that food companies use. In general, a kraft box is a very effective method of wrapping or storing. It’s because it preserves and maintains the freshness of your products.

Cost-effective material is an other reason that makes kraft boxes ideal for food packaging. In addition, they have many properties that make them perfect for food packaging. This includes permeability. And their ability to handle temperature changes without breaking down.

Have you ever thought about using corrugated Kraft boxes for your food packing? If no, then there is a need to know all the benefits of kraft boxes. And ultimately why it needs to be used:

1). Help with Frozen Food Packaging

Kraft take out boxes are very ideal for keeping your frozen food fresh and tasty. A study has revealed that cardboard boxes can ensure the quality of frozen food.

Most of the people keep their frozen foods in plastic bags or plastic containers. The problem with these is that they trap moisture, which can damage the frozen food inside.

The kraft boxes not only help you to keep your frozen food fresh. But also provide a barrier from dirt and insects. If you want to make sure that your frozen food does not get spoiled. Then you should buy some kraft paper take out boxes for your freezer today.

In addition, these boxes are available in many sizes. Therefore, you can get them according to the quantity of your frozen food.

2). Ideal for Retail Food Packaging

Kraft boxes remain an attractive alternative to plastic or glass food containers. It’s because paper take out box is a better fit for the ever-tightening standards of modern food production.

For example, kraft bags provide a better barrier to oxygen, light and moisture than plastic or glass alternatives. It means your product will stay fresh right up until it reaches the consumer’s hands.

Another advantage of using corrugated boxes over plastic containers is its inherent flexibility. Food manufacturers can use this flexibility to reduce their packaging costs by reducing their shipping costs as well.

Kraft ships more efficiently than plastic containers or glass jars. It means it also takes up less space in your warehouse or on your delivery truck. You also don’t need to invest in special equipment to load or unload cases of bottles or cans.

3). Easy to Customize

Kraft or Chinese take out boxes are a necessity for many businesses. You can use them to store and ship food products.

For companies that rely on cardboard boxes to transport their goods, it is important to use boxes that will properly protect the items within. This is especially true if the boxes are being shipped by air or via truck. Where they will be subjected to rough handling during transit.

You can add dividers to make the interior of the kraft boxes more functional. This will help to keep smaller products from shifting around in transit and suffering damage.

It is also important to use strong, heavy duty kraft paper. So as to make sure the box does not break down during shipping. As poor-quality bag could lead to potentially dangerous situations for the people handling the packages.

To ensure customers get the best possible boxes for their needs, a company may choose to have custom printed boxes made for them. This allows for the addition of specific graphics, logos and other brand identifiers.

Not only does this add a level of professionalism to packaging. But it can also increase brand recognition by consumers who see the custom printed boxes frequently.

4). Make Ideal Takeaway Food Boxes

I recently went to a restaurant to order food. The restaurant owner gave me a kraft take out box with the food.

Why? I asked him why he used cardboard boxes for food takeaway boxes.

He answered, “I am running a small business here. And I try to keep my expenses as low as possible. Food packaging is one of my biggest costs. And the kraft boxes cost much lower than plastic containers.”

“Oh,” I said, “but what about hygiene?”

“It’s not a problem,” he replied. “I use food grade cardboard that is in high demand by local manufacturers of food containers.”

“But don’t the oils from the food make the inside of your boxes soggy?” I asked him.

“No,” he assured me. “The boxes are grease-proof as well.”

Another reason why food takeaway boxes are made of cardboard is because of its strength. Cardboard is strong enough to hold the weight and quantity of food ordered. Or it would not be able to take part in a delivery system that delivers goods quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

The kraft box’s strength makes it much more durable than paper. And this is why it is often used as packaging material. Kraft corrugated boxes can withstand shipping pressure a great deal better than paper ones.

5). Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

There are many benefits of kraft take out boxes for food packaging. Not only are these boxes strong, light and easy to carry. But they are also made in a very eco-friendly way.

The main purpose of packing food in paper take out boxes is to keep the food fresh, safe and hygienic.

Kraft boxes have lots of advantages over other materials like plastics. It is 100% recyclable. Which means there is no harm to the environment.

6). A Food Grade Packaging Solution

All these boxes are made of super-fine pulp. And they effectively resist moisture.

They are food grade in the sense that they do not leave any harmful residue. They are generally made with flax, or wheat straw. Or some other fiber which is safe for human consumption. This is a very different standard than what your local farmer may use to grade food quality. Which will probably focus on things like toxicity of pesticide residues and various additives.

We must stress that cardboard boxes are not food grade in the sense that they should be used for growing or storing foodstuffs. As mentioned above, cardboard boxes were designed with the intent of being thrown away after use. They should be considered a disposable item.

Kraft take out boxes are perfect for a food product. They are strong and will hold the product in place. Keep the food hygienic. And make sure that the product gets to the buyer in one piece.

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