10 Tips on Cupcake Packaging for Bake Sale


Make your cupcake packaging for bake sale more appealing by these tips. Cupcakes are a favorite among many people. It is impossible to beat a fluffy cupcake topped with frosting. Each bite will leave you craving more. Just imagine how delicious it will be.

Despite this, cupcakes are more than just delicious. A bake sale also requires that you know how to package cupcakes. You wrap your sweet bites with those cute and creative gadgets as well.

Cupcake Packaging for Bake Sale

These ideas might be helpful in ensuring your bake sale is a success.

1. Custom Made Cupcake Boxes

It is one of the most creative and marketable ways of packaging cupcakes. You can find numerous box designs on the internet. If you feel particularly creative, you may even come up with your design. Among the many options available, there are cupcake boxes resembling flower shops, cars, retro ovens, tiny houses, and birdhouses. If you do not want to build them from scratch, you can download them online as downloadable printable. To make your cupcake, simply print, fold, and drop in your cupcake.

2. Cupcake Boxes with Logos

The custom box label will bring your cupcakes to life if you already have your bakery’s logo. Be creative when printing labels. Use different designs for different seasons or events. Just saying, seasonal boxes would be cool.

3. Treat Cups Made of Plastic

You can present your cupcake in an inexpensive and easy way by inserting it into a clear, plastic cup. The package can be wrapped in transparent plastic and tied with a ribbon. Plastic cups can also be decorated in various ways, including with colored paper, glitter, paint, and other crafting materials.

4. Printed Reversible Wraps

Artistic and cool things are always reversible. Reversible wrappers mean you get two for the price of one. Show off your perfect baked goods in two different patterns.

5. Clear Packaging for Cupcakes

You do not have to hide the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing cupcakes in your packaging since you already have them. Cupcakes can be packaged in a clear box for a bake sale as one of the best ways to package them. People will see the beautiful baked goods at your sale in a clear box. Ribbons and stickers can also be added.

6. Design in The Minimalist Style

Add simple touches to your cupcake packaging for bake sale to make it more appealing. Adding ribbons to cupcakes is one of the most common ways to package them for a bake sale. Ribbons come in so many different kinds that it is hard to decide which one to choose. If you prefer a colored or clear box, they add life and vibrancy. A wide variety of ribbons, bow ties, multiple ribbons, and a lot more is available. A sticker is also an excellent choice because it’s easy to place and it comes in several themes and designs.

7. Personalized Mini Cupcake Packaging

Adding cupcakes to the egg slots in an egg carton is another excellent way to package them. You can decorate them in a variety of ways according to your taste. The cupcakes will fit perfectly in these. The specialized packaging and inserts for mini cupcakes can also be purchased online.

8. Cupcakes in Jars

In contrast to traditional cupcakes, cupcakes in jars do not need to be shaped perfectly. Fill your decorated jar with flavors and colors that you like. Make-ahead desserts are a great choice for bake sales.

9. Gift Wrap and A Clear Cup

The cups that you can find in stores are best suited to cupcakes that are small and clear. This kind of packaging is not only useful for putting cupcakes in, but it also looks good. In addition, your customers can enjoy their cupcakes on-the-go without having to clean up afterward.

10. Cupcake Boxes for Takeout

Takeout boxes can be purchased anywhere. It’s easy to just put a cupcake in one of these boxes without messing up the frosting.

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